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What Adult Scooter Rider Are You?

  • 3 min read
As all the cool kids know it's not just children who can get in on the scooting act. There is an adult scooting revolution taking place. Whether it's for exercise, to save money or to spend more time with your children - scooting just got bigger. But before you take the plunge you need to identify which kind of scooter rider you really are... WEEKEND RIDER Family Scooting 3
  • You live for the weekends with your children and are sick of trying to get them away from the TV.
  • You know the best way to get down from the climbing frame at your local park.
  • You sometimes wonder if the D-Day landings took less negotiation than you endure trying to get the children out of the house for a trip to town/park etc
Your perfect scooter is: the Micro Flex Deluxe >> You are joining the scooter revolution because: You are time poor but activity heavy. You want to do things with your children NOW. SCHOOL RUN SCOOTER RIDER 25 reasons to scoot
  • You've had enough of trying to find a car parking space within 5 miles of the school entrance.
  • You shut your eyes whenever you drive past a petrol forecourt - those prices just keep going up.
  • You would like to say more to your children in the morning than "hurry up and eat your breakfast/find your shoes/do up your tie/where's your reading book.
Your perfect scooter is: the Micro scooter - available in black, white and floral >> You are joining the scooter revolution because: It's a quick, cheap and fuss-free way to get the children to school in the morning. A NEED FOR SPEED Tim
  • Your bucket list is nearly 3/4 of the way ticket off.
  • In your "secret life" you think you could be the next Bear Grylls.
  • You want to explore new beautiful places to scoot
Your perfect scooter is: Micro Black with Lock or the Micro Speed You are joining the scooter revolution because: You want to whizz through the park with the children, compete in a scoot-a-thon and understand the thrill that speeding along on a scooter will bring. THE "NO CARBS BEFORE MARBS" QUEENcompact
  • Your specialist subject on Mastermind would be "diets of the world and how effective they aren't".
  • You want exercise to be as simple and fuss free as possible.
  • You are determined to encourage a healthy , active and fun lifestyle amongst your family
Your perfect scooter is the: Micro Flex Deluxe You are joining the scooter revolution because: You have been inspired by our Secret Workout - a way to use your scooter to workout without working out. GROOVY DAD sus01br-4
  • You know the names of all of the members of One Direction.
  • You love going out to explore with the children.
  • You believe in the motto "you are as old as the scooter you feel"
Your perfect scooter is the: Micro Suspension You are joining the scooter revolution because: When you are with the children you want to enjoy a fun filled active day out (that doesn't cost a fortune). SCOOT TO WORK RIDER __9gijua-oBeDIaTVxawhV6m3o0OplxCRpoo5EQYLZE
  • You can recite the tube stops on the Underground map in order;from memory.
  • You are on first name terms with the compensation claims department of your local rail operator.
  • Sometimes you feel you spend more time travelling than at work
Your perfect scooter is: EMICRO ONE E SCOOTER You are joining the scooter revolution because: You want the flexibility to get around quickly and cheaply without having to leave your fate in the hands of the sometimes inept train/tube/tram/bus operators.