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What is the Secret Workout?

  • 2 min read



Are you looking for a fun, free and easy workout that will have a measurable impact on your health and wellbeing?

Then the secret is out. 

Let us introduce you to the Secret Workout. 

In 2016 a study by Brighton University’s Sports & Science Department revealed the average adult can burn up to 300kal an hour by using an adult scooter. 

In addition the study found there are other fitness benefits to using an adult scooter. These include; 

  • scooting being a form of low impact training means the body is more likely to burn fat stores for fuel = fat burning 
  • the stance deployed when scooting helps to promote core conditioning and strengthens the muscles in your joints
  • scooting being a form of low impact toning – great for the legs!
  • being a fantastic way of building endurance

But what makes the Secret Workout different from all the other workouts is its ease and convenience 

There are no classes for the Secret Workout. There are no expensive gym memberships. No workout gear required. 

Just you and your scooter. 

Whenever, wherever you like. 

Whether you use your adult scooter to travel to work, to do the school run, to visit friends and family or just to pop to the shop for that forgotten pint of milk you will, without knowing it, be doing the Secret Workout and your body will benefit. 

So the secret is out. 

And now’s the time for you to share your Secret Workout. Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter or Instagram using #secretwork and @microscooters. 

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