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What is the best scooter for a 4 year old?

  • 2 min read

What is the best scooter for a 4 year old? 


Is scooting safe for 4 year olds?

Scooting, particularly on a 3-wheeled scooter, such as the Mini or Maxi Micro, is considered one of the safest modes of transport for toddlers, particularly when the scooter itself is sturdy and reliable, and kids wear a helmet for added peace of mind. It’s great practice to start kids wearing a helmet from a young age, so it becomes second nature for any outdoor, wheeled pursuits as they grow. 


2 wheels or 3 wheels?

At 4 years old kids are still developing balance, so most will feel more comfortable with a 3-wheeled scooter that offers more stability, a real bonus for less confident littlies. A 3-wheeled scooter (with 2 wheels at the front) offers a secure base for on and off scooting, and because it won’t fall over by itself, it means that kids are less likely to, too. Many 4 year old kids don’t have the strength to get a 2-wheeled scooter up to enough speed to keep it balanced, so again a 3-wheeled scooter is the ideal solution. 3-wheeled scooters, such as the Mini Micro Deluxe (for kids up to 35kg and 80-100cm tall), are the perfect scooter for smaller 4-year-olds. These 3-wheeled scooters offer lean to steer scooting which is really easy for kids to master. The intuitive motion of leaning side to side to turn the wheels in the direction they want to go, comes completely naturally. If your 4 year old is closer to 5 years old, or taller the Maxi Micro Deluxe offers the same scooting experience but for kids up to 50kg and 110-152cm in height. 


Extra Features that make a scooter even better are;


  • Grippy handle grips – so little hands don’t slip      
  •  A grippy footplate/deck – so little feet don’t slip      
  •  A height adjustable handlebar so it can be the perfect height, and adjust as they grow      
  • Smooth wheels to stop annoying rattles   

The 3-wheeled scooters from Micro offer all of the above along with a 28 day, no-quibble money back guarantee, for peace of mind. 

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