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What happens when an 8 year old get their way

  • 3 min read
This post is an extract from an email Brigitte from London sent us.... "Three and a half years ago I sent you a picture from the bike racks of my daughter's at the time new primary school. I was amazed to see how many children were scooting (99.9% on Micro Scooters, including my own daughter, who at nearly 8 is now due what must be her fourth generation Micro Scooter) to school instead of walking or cycling, and I kept thinking how funny a vision it was to see their parents running behind them (myself included). I asked you if you were interested in letting me be a 'Micro Scooter ambassador'; i.e. let me have a grown-up scooter to promote in the area. To my great delight you said yes. In the beginning I thought I'd just use it for school runs and commuting into work in central London. My daughter absolutely loved, and still loves, the fact that we can scoot along, next to each other, and everywhere we go together children exclaim excitedly "Mummy/Daddy - can you get a grown-up scooter please?!" They love the idea of sharing this fun with their parents, instead of always having to wait for them. I had many reactions when I first got the scooter; everyone seemed to have an opinion, most of which were very positive. Most fellow parents loved the idea, but said they would be too scared or too embarrassed to get one for themselves (apparently running along, out of breath, with work and school bags bumbing against you is more dignified? ;-)) So I encouraged them to try mine, and I still do that as often as I get the opportunity, even with total strangers showing an interest. I truly believe that it improves quality of life. Three of my best friends have one too, after seeing and hearing how much joy I get from mine. At least eight of the parents at school I encouraged to try my scooter have since got one for themselves. The women the same colour as me; white, and the men (3 of them now) chose black. As a multiple business owner and entrepreneur myself, I know how powerful personal recommendations can be - they seem to have worked well in this case I think.Brigitte The attached pictures are of me and my daughter. We use our scooters for everything, and I mean absolutely everything. We even bring them on holidays. I thought I'd only use mine in relation to her school runs and my commuting, but I'm never without it; I use it for grocery shopping (I don't have a car, and putting the shopping bags on the handle bars is so much easier than carrying them), for scooting between meetings, for visiting friends near and far (it's so much more convenient than a bike to bring on trains, in cars, into people's homes etc etc). I love my scooter so much that I'm even including that fact in a children's book I'm currently writing. I also plan to use the picture of me on my scooter on the jacket of the book - to prove to children that grown-ups can have fun too :-)". If you are interested in becoming a Micro Scooters ambassadors please do get in touchwith us >> Find out more about adult scooters here >>