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Hello, welcome to Micro Scooters. You've probably reached this post because you're undecided as to what the best scooter for kids is. We get it, it's a big investment and we know that you want to get it right. We have put together some info to help guide you.

Nursery (12 months to 5 years)

Best scooter for kids aged 12 months to 5 years


All of our scooters in this range are designed with 3 wheels and the iconic tilt to steer mechanism. This makes the range hugely popular as pre-schoolers can grasp steering with little effort. The feeling of independence that they gain is truly tremendous to boot. The 3 wheels provide stability with the scooter remaining in an upright position, so always has a solid foundation for little feet to jump on and off. The best scooter for kids aged 12 months to 5 years:

  • Mini Micro 3 in 1. A ride on scooter with footrests and parent steering handle. All the brilliant things to make the journey to the park so much easier with a pre-schooler. The Mini 3 in 1 comes apart in stages to eventually turn into a Mini Micro Deluxe and will literally grow with your child, it comes in a deluxe version, LED versionor Eco version. See it here >>
  • Mini Micro 2 in 1 with o bar. This scooter has been developed from the iconic Mini Micro and incorporates our best loved scooter, the Mini Micro with a seat and an O ring handle making it incredibly easy for little hands new to scooting. See it here >>
  • Mini Micro Scooter. Our award winning scooter, loved by families up and down the country. Opt for classic, deluxe or create your own design. You can even kit yours out with LED flashing wheels for all those wanting to put a sparkle in your scoot. See them here >>

Children (5 -12 years)

Best scooter for kids aged 5 to 12 years

The biggest decision to make in this age category is whether to go for 2 or 3 wheels. Three wheels are brilliant for younger riders who aren't quite ready to part with their Mini Micro Scooter. They have the tilt and turn functionality and are especially good for those who cant yet ride a bike without stabilisers. Two wheeled scooters are brilliant for independent explorers who've mastered the art of balance and those who prefer the design of 2 wheels. The best scooter for kids aged 5 to 12 years:

  • Maxi Micro. Our much loved 3 wheel scooter in a maxi size. Available as a foldable edition and with or without light up sparkle wheels. You can also design and create your own. See it here >>
  • Sprite.Incredibly lightweight, our most popular 2 wheeled scooter. Foldable and available in a number of beautiful colour ways you can now personalise the deck of the Sprite with your child's name to make it a scooter that is totally unique. See them here >>
  • Cruiser. Large wheels and retro handlebars make this scooter stand out from the crowd. The bigger wheels allow children to go further faster, making it a popular choice to cruise the school run. The deck of this scooter can also be personalised and the Cruiser is foldable making it incredibly easy to store. See them here >>
  • Ramp & Trixx. Our stunt scooters are specifically deigned for ultimate performance at the skate park. Shorter handlebars and reinforced decks are two features to aid adventures filled with bunny hops and half pipes. See them here >>

Older children (Ages 10+)

Best scooter for kids aged 10+ Older children can choose from a range of scooters which have been designed with their tastes in mind. They have also been tested with larger weight bearings and are developed with a higher adjustable handlebars to cater for the taller rider. The best scooter for kids aged 10 years and over:
  • Speed. Similar to the much loved lightweight Sprite, the Speed is its grown up cousin. Tested to withstand the weight of adults its the perfect choice for older children who have parents that might wish to borrow it from time to time. See it here >>
  • Rocket. The Speed but with ultra trendy fattie wheels. This scooter packs some serious street cred with it's wide wheels giving extra grip on pavements. See it here >>
  • All our scooters suitable for this age range are here >>
So that is it, a whistle stop tour of our range complete. Hopefully you're now all set and better informed to make the right choice on which is the best scooter. If you do need extra help or reassurance our team of experts are available via Live Chat on our website or alternatively you can book in with a personal scooter adviser who will call you to talk through your choice. Book an appointment here. Thank you for choosing Micro Scooters. Please stay in touch and keep us updated on your scooting adventures.