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top tips for scooting in cold weather

  • 2 min read

The weather can sometimes add in extra complications when scooting. Especially at this time of year.

Here are a few top tips that we have put together for scooting in cold weather to ensure that if you do decide to scoot, that your scooting journey is as safe as it can be.

1. Check the weather

Before heading out the door ensure to check the conditions that you will be scooting in. Give consideration to clothing choices and check in advance what the weather will be doing on your homeward journey too. Ice is most likely to form overnight and can be tricky for two wheels to handle, so be extra careful if you’re heading out the door early. Don't forget gloves and scarves and of course your helmet too. It might be that you're in for snow, in which case you may like to swap the scoot for building snowmen!


2. Consider your footwear

Wear appropriate footwear to make your journey in. Consider scooting your journey in trainers for extra grip and swapping over when you get to your destination. Thermal socks are a good idea too. The wind can make it very cold out there.

3. Consider a different route

How likely will ice be on your chosen route? Is it worth considering an alternative way round. Puddles freeze and can be tempting to crunch your way over, but steer clear of them as they can be hazardous to scooting. Think about drain covers and changes in terrain that may change with the weather too.


4. Take it slow and brake gently

Allow extra time for your journey and slow children down by engaging them in a visual treasure hunt or a game of i-spy If braking, gently apply the brake. Give yourself longer to slow down and stop. It might be that you jump of your scooter and walk some of the way.

5. Keep checking

Testing your brakes at regular intervals is a good idea to check that they are clear and still functioning properly. Before you go, ensuring your scooter is ready for your journey is a great idea too. You can find some checks we recommend to complete here >>


6. Ensure visibility

If skies turn gloomy or you're later leaving than normal, perhaps after school clubs have started again, ensure that you are as visible as you can be. You can purchase lights and bells to fit your Micro Scooter from our website. It is a good place to start to ensure that you remain safe on your travels. Shop our range of scooter safety accessories here>> Above all else if you are worried or concerned about making the journey on your scooter, then it is probably best not too, after all it is most important that every scooter journey is a safe one.