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Tips to ensure your child is skate park ready

  • 2 min read

If your child is raring to get started on half pipes and bunny hops, before venturing out we have some top tips to check through to ensure that they are skate park ready.

  1. Make sure that they have a scooter that's worthy

By this we don't mean the latest colour or the newest model. Instead is it safe enough to perform tricks on? Ideally you need a scooter that is designed for this type of adventure. Lower handlebars and reinforced decks like the Micro Stunt scooters (see them here). While our Maxi Micro's and Sprites have been rigorously tested to withstand a gauntlet of challenges it is probably best to leave them at home for now.


2. Complete your scooter MOT

Just like a car or a bike, scooters need a little TLC every now and again and TLC is just that... Test (T), Look (L), Clean (C). Find out herewhat you should look for to ensure that their scooter is skate park ready.


3. Heads up! Wear a helmet

Helmets are a must if your child is considering performing tricks. Ensure theirs properly fits by watching this video. If you don't have one already you can find our full range here.

4. Pick a quiet time

The skate park can be a really popular place to hang out especially in the holidays and at weekends. For your first time, try to pick a part of the day that is quieter such as the mornings. The general rule at the park is to look out for others when riding but you don't want your child to feel rushed or overwhelmed so I would leave hanging out at the busy times till they are a bit more confident on their scooter.

5. Don't try anything too risky too soon

It's temping to ignore the basics and launch straight into it, but it really isn't a great idea. Encourage them to stick to the simple stunts and smaller ramps and work up gradually.

6. Keep tricks at the skate park

As tempting as it is to leap off pavements and for children to build their own ramps at the park it is best to avoid doing this. It can be dangerous to try out tricks anywhere but the skate park not only for themselves but others around them.

7. Have fun

Of course most importantly, ensure they (and you) grab your smile and have fun. Watching your child can be a bit of a nail biting experience especially for the first time. Lots of smiles and encouragement will work wonders for everyone's confidence. If you have any action shots that you would like to share with us, don't forget to tag us on facebook and instagram.