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The Secret Workout: how does it work?

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Beverley is one of the members of our customer service team. A walking font of all knowledge she knows everything there is to know about scooters and accessories.

Hands up it you want to find out about a secret workout; a way to exercise that fits perfectly with your work life balance. Guess what?! We have found the answer! By simply swapping short car journeys with scooting can give you an ingenious way to keep fit. No expensive equipment or costly gym memberships. This workout is done with minimal disruption and here is the best bit- you can get fit without even realising it.

We call it the Secret Workout. 

So what does this mean? 

Jumping on your scooter to get from a to b doesn’t just save time, scooting’s secret workout means you can put your body through its paces whilst barely breaking into a sweat. You could even use it as a warm up before you hit the gym. Here’s how: 

Mind: scooting increases feelings of mental alertness, better reaction times and higher confidence levels.

Shoulders: your shoulders work with your spine and core to stabilise and maintain your balance whilst on the scooter.

Back: riding on a scooter strengthens your skeletal muscles, joints and spine too.

Abs: your abdominal muscles engage as the kicking leg is raised.

Upper body: pecs, biceps and triceps. They all work together to counteract the forward-backward body movement generated by your kick.

Hips: the muscles supporting your hips can benefit from improved joint mobilisation.

Buttocks: the scooting motion stretches and strengthens most of these muscle groups.

Thighs: your whole body weight is supported by your standing leg, great for toning, whilst your moving leg gives a cardio work out.

Knees and ankles: scooting represents cardio and toning similar to that involved in running, but with very little road impact.

Calves: almost all of the muscles in the lower leg are used in the action of the pushing leg, travel uphill and this means you’ll burn even more body fat.

Tendons, joints and ligaments: they are all strengthened via the motion of scooting.

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With thanks to Micro Ambassador and Personal Trainer, Ben Cobbett of and who kindly endorsed this content.