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The Purple family school run

  • 3 min read



The utterly wonderful lifestyle blogger @purpleella takes over the Micro blog today with her very special guest post.

Ella is great, her blog is packed full of recipe ideas, family days out guides and so much more. Well worth a visit in our humble opinion.

But enough of us. Here’s Ella…

I’m going to be honest, school mornings stress me out. Between getting up at seven, (bleary eyed and tired from having been woken at six) and leaving the house at eight thirty, I am not much fun. First up I ask the children to get dressed. I ask really nicely then usually  find them, ten minutes later, still in their P.J’s playing a very important game of lie on top of  your brother. This starts the slow chipping away of my patience. 

Next up is supervising face washing, and tooth brushing, because sucking the toothbrush is not an effective way to remove plaque. Then my least favourite part of the morning. Brushing my daughters hair, seriously it’s torturous brushing a three year old’s long, fine, tangled hair in the mornings. Plus ten minutes later you know it’s going to look the same as it started, on account of a game of wear a duvet on your head and wriggle across the floor after your brother. 

So finally they’re all dressed but I’m not, plus I have four healthy packed lunches to make. Lucky me I’ve run out of bread so I get to play the fun game of ‘what on earth do I put in a lunchbox that isn’t a sandwich’ and no please don’t tell me to look on Pinterest. I’m not worthy. Lunches packed and sat neatly by the door with their book bags and I start to feel a little more in control. Until, that is, I ask the children to put on their shoes and coats ready to leave. 

My children are completely unable to follow that request until it’s been asked at least five times. Even then if they’re not constantly reminded during the process what they’re doing, they lose focus and forget. If I’m lucky I manage to get them out of the door without losing my rag. If not I end up screeching at them, on my knees, helping them to put their shoes on quicker. 

Then we’re out the door, and thankfully everyone in the family owns a Micro scooter. They really help change the mood of the morning, and mean we arrive at school much happier than when we left our front door. My children don’t dawdle, they scoot along happily meaning I can enjoy the walk without having to repeatedly ask them to keep up. I make sure all the children know how far they’re allowed to scoot, giving them regular stopping points along the way so they don’t get too far ahead. They love this, it’s a game, who can reach the next stopping point first. My youngest gets tired on the big hills we have to climb to get to school. So I have a scoot ’n pull, I just pop it on and pull her along behind me, no stress. 

The school and the preschool have scooter storage, so I don’t have to worry about what to do with them when we get there. It’s easy, fun, and healthy to scoot the school. Plus, whizzing down a hill on my scooter alongside the kids blows the stress of the morning away in minutes. 

A massive thank you to Ella and her gorgeous family for writing for us.

Do you use scooters for the school run? Would you like to be featured on our blog? Please do get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you. 

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