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The Micro Black - 1 week in

  • 2 min read

Craig a "Bike It" officer from Sustrans has had his Micro Black scooter for a little over a week now. Used to cycling everywhere we asked Craig to give us the low-down (the good, the bad and the ugly) on his new transport method of his choice. This is Craig's story.... " It’s been about a week since I got my Micro Black Scooter. The first day I got it the weather was nice and sunny so I scooted to the Riverside Park in St Neots, which took about 5 mins. I did a bit of jumping over lines in the car park while I waited for my partner. Then we went to the local cinema about 15-20 minute walk. My partner was on her bike and I scooted. I beat her there by about 5 mins : -). She got stuck in traffic and traffic lights down our high street. At the cinema the attendant put it in their storage room so it was safe and out of the way, again saving time not locking up outside. So quite a nice first trial. Since then I’ve used it mostly for quick jaunts to our local supermarket or around the park. I hope to use it for a scoot session at a school next week. I find it’s amazing on flat or downhill terrain, with really sustained free rolling. On an extremely slight slope like the St Neots bridge it can roll forever. And the back brake is surprisingly good. It’s definitely quicker than walking, but has limited use for longer routes. To my local train station 40 mins walk, 15 mins cycle, it feels like too far to scoot. Maybe with time I’ll not mind. I do feel like I can and would enjoy using it more for trips where I take public transport (to Peterborough or Cambridge) where I don’t have to travel far to my destination (5-10 mins scoot, bus, 5-10 mins scoot). But recently I have had to take too much stuff with me for these journeys, which is a hindrance. It’s pretty hard to lock it to anything, which makes it harder to use for shop visits. I did manage to use a D-lock through one part, but a lock hoop would be nicer/securer. Those are my main thoughts so far. Overall I find it a less cumbersome, more fun alternative to using the bike or walking for short journeys and trips mixed with public transport. Had a few interesting glances from kids/teens who use scooters. Will have to take one to one of my schools soon and see what they think : D." Do you have any tips to share with newbie adult scooter ride Craig?

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Craig from Sustrans Lovely Craig and his equally as lovely Micro Black scooter