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The 5 best celebrity scooting dads in the world

  • 2 min read
It's time to give thanks, celebrate and show some lurvely pictures of (in our opinion) the 5 best celebrity dads in the world.


WHO: James Corden fathers day micro scooters james corden best celebrity dads WHY: Because we imagine him to have a never ending long line of witty jokes and banter. And because who wouldn't want a dad everybody thinks of as "Smithy" THE ADULT SCOOTER THEY ARE MOST SUITED TO: Imagine James scooting the school run alongside his children on a Micro Monster Kickboard scooter it is the ultimate boys toy and comes complete with Fattie wheels (the scooter - not James. Although you never know...) Photo: Daily Mail Online.


WHO: Jamie Oliver fathers day micro scooters jamie oliver best dad WHY: Scooting is thirsty and hungry work. We think Jamie could rustle up the perfect foodie accompaniment to every and all scooting journey. THE ADULT SCOOTER THEY ARE MOST SUITED TO: The Micro Flex Air - Multi Terrain Scooter Jamie can mix and match his wheels depending on the terrain and the terrine!


David beckahmWHO: David Beckham WHY: Need you ask? Pictured here with Baby Harper (photo courtesy of we think a Mini Micro 3in1 seat will soon be on the cards. And also - because it's David. THE ADULT SCOOTER THEY ARE MOST SUITED TO: The Micro Floral Grey scooter because if anybody can rock a floral adult scooter Mr Beckham can.


father's day best celebrity dads micro scooter adult scootingWHO: Will Smith WHY: Because he's "from West Philadelphia born and raised" and we imagine an adult scooter is where he spends (or should spend) most of his days. THE ADULT SCOOTER THEY ARE MOST SUITED TO: The Micro 3in1 Steve Aoki Scooter Suitcasebecause with it's bluetooth speaker, luggage and scooter combo and great looks it is simply perfect for a man who has saved the world.


father's day, micro scooters, best celebrity dads, hugh jackman WHO: Hugh Jackman WHY: Hugh is THE adult scooting God. King of all scooter riders and also has his wife and daughter in on the habit (a Micro White and Maxi Micro respectively). THE ADULT SCOOTER THEY ARE MOST SUITED TO: We think Hugh has taken nearly every adult Micro scooter for a test scoot over the past 10 years. But we are reliably informed his favourite scooter is The Micro Black scooter. The scooter is perfect for the school run, the scoot to work and everyday fun. Photo: That's our Father's Day list of celebrity scooting dads complete. Do you agree or disagree with it? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Don't forget! If you think your dad needs a scooter of his own enter him into our Father's Day competition.