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How to solve a problem like urban mobility

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Inspired by the legendary, timeless design of an Italian cult car from the year 1956 the Microlino is set to revolutionise urban mobility and become a modern design classic.

“In 1998, I created and developed the world of urban mobility with the Micro Scooter. Soon it will be a vehicle with 4 wheels, which will change our way of thinking about economic and sustainable mobility.“ – Wim Ouboter, Founder & Owner 

The Swiss innovators at Micro have consistently implemented transportation methods that are green, convienent, open to all and at some point, change the way things are done. 

From the world’s first folding aluminium scooter nearly 20 years ago to the incredible emicro one scooter of 2016 (the world’s lightest and most compact electric scooter) we have consistently implemented design, innovation and superior engineering to produce vehicles of the future. 

We of course are not alone in doing this. Nicolas Hayek redesigned an iconic product with an eye on simplicity and sustainability. he Swatch was not technically brilliant, but simpler and cheaper to produce. Precisely how it has to be with our Microlino.

But simple solutions are often hard to find and need time and money. Slow food, urban gardening and the sharing economy are already in vogue. What is still lacking in this modern society is a suitable vehicle for urban mobility. Whether in Kyoto or elsewhere, none of the agreements and discussions deliver the urgently needed solutions. It requires the implementation of already existing ideas.

The courage to take this step and not the fear of failure.

Prototypes not words!