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#scootingadventures - scooter flag game

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This is a great team game – you will need to be quick and stealthy on your scooters to capture ‘flags’ from your opponents! 


Outside in your garden, local park, school playground or local village hall – anywhere with a safe, flat, scooter-friendly surface. You will need at least 9 metres (30 feet) of space. 


You will need: 

8 or more players (teams must be even)

Flags – (I per player) these can be made from rags or old cloths but it’s best to have a different colour for each team

Mid-way marker (string or an agreed point between e.g.two trees) in the middle of the playing area

The object of the game is for one team to capture all the other team’s flags. The only way to do this is to scooter into enemy territory and snatch a flag before you are tagged by a player from the opposite team.

If a player manages to grab a flag, they must quickly make their way back to their own territory – the flag becomes their ‘booty’. 

If players are tagged before they reach the line however, they are in trouble! They become a ‘prisoner of war’ and must stand behind the opposing team’s territory until they are tagged free by a member of their team. 

You can try tactics such as raiding parties, where several of you make a dash across the line together and hopefully not only capture a flag but, with any luck, free some prisoners! The first team to capture all the opponents’ flags wins! 


There are loads of team games you can play on your scooters – tell us your favourites and we will post the best ones! Or send us pictures of the flags you made. 

Just use @microscooters and #scootingadventures 

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