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Why your next set of adventures will be better than the last

  • 2 min read

Share in their adventures and make your next set of adventures so much better than the last. We have been following Enya, aka the Kid Trotter, a 5 year old girl who is scooting around the world with her parents. Awe-inspiring adventures take this scooting family to far flung destinations and places some of us only ever dream of visiting. Watch their most recent adventure on two wheels as the family visit Vietnam. So, if this makes you want to down tools and head for the great outdoors. Here is the best news, sharing adventures doesn’t mean you have to journey across several continents. By adopting the ethos of sharing adventures as a family will mean a huge increase in enjoyment factor, for everyone.





Here’s our top tips on how to transform your everyday into adventures in the great outdoors(all you need is leg power and an occasional rain jacket).

  1. Scooting makes you smile instantly and smiling is good for the soul. Scoot with others and watch their smiles grow by 100% (or thereabouts). As a result, scooter time is definitely quality time.
  2. Scooting is a great equaliser. It is very forgiving for those travelling at different speeds.
  3. It’s different. It offers a new dimension and an alternative way to get around. In addition to this, work up a bit of speed and it also ticks the box for the adrenaline junkie.
  4. Scooting allows you to trade in the everyday for something a bit more special. Many children only ever see their parents travelling in the front seat of the car.
  5. The whole family gets exercise: on average, scooting burns around 300 calories an hour. Build some gentle uphill sections into your ride and you’ll burn even more.
  6. It’s not just a scooter, it’s a trusted stead escaping danger or a pirate ship sailing the seven seas. Therefore it is great for the imagination and also for developing balance and coordination skills to boot.
  7. No problems with parking. Not only do scooters fold up in seconds but everyone can carry their own set of wheels.
  8. It's the most flexible form of transport. If you end up scooting too far and the children are tired, just fold up all the scooters and catch a bus home. Voila!

So there you have it, advice on how to create amazing adventures from the everyday. You really have nothing to lose and a thousand smiles to gain... Shop adult scooter range here.