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Scooters for Schools

  • 3 min read

How to raise money for your school

We have teamed up with external affiliates Easy Fundraising and The Giving Machine. You may have heard of them. And can now offer Micro Scooters through their online cashback scheme. This means that still earn valuable funds through for your school (once registered) through their websites. The great news is that you may be already familiar with these sites and parents already up to speed with using them. The brilliant news that Micro Scooters now proudly sit amongst the brands that you can purchase from.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I used to be able to earn cashback direct from, is this still possible?

We have made some improvements to the scheme to make it easier for parents to raise funds for their schools. By adding Micro Scooters to external fundraising websites like easy fundraising and giving machine will streamline the process and be much easier for you to promote. Micro scooters cashback no longer is a stand alone process with a unique code that parents need to remember (afterall life can be complicated enough).

So what will happen to my school code?

  • From 1st November 2018 you will no longer be able to use your code at as the code will be obsolete in generating cash back.

I am a parent/school how can I take part in Scooters for Schools?

  • Go to or
  • Search for your school in the “find good causes” box
  • Click to support the school
  • That’s it! Simply access our site through the shop now link on the web page.
  • Every time you shop at Micro Scooters 3% of your purchase amount will automatically be donated to your school. You won’t be charged a penny and your school will receive the money direct into its bank account.

How do I know if my school is registered with the new scheme?

  • Simply go to or and search for your school in the “find good causes” search box.
  • If your school is registered then they will appear.
  • If your school does not appear then you will need to contact your school and ask them to set up an account on Easy Fundraising or The Giving Machine. Unfortunately we can not help with setting up your school on the site due to data protection laws.
  • If you are having difficulties with the registration process, the best way to find out what is going on is to contact Easy Fundraising or the Giving Machine direct.

I am already part of your Scooters for Schools scheme, what about cash back we have earned?

  • If you have earned over the threshold value for commission then this will be send in the normal way to clear your balance.
  • If any school hasn’t met the threshold Micro Scooters will be contacting the school direct via the details that we have on file.
  • Please don’t worry, if your school is an active member of the old Scooters for Schools scheme then rest assured that we have your contact details.
  • If indeed your worried that you are missing out on commission please complete this formand we would be happy to advise.
Thank you for all your support for Micro Scooters through Scooters for School. Wishing you all the best with your fundraising.