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Our scooters are award winning

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We care a lot about the design of our scooters and work hard with product development to ensure that they are the best that they can be.

It is the cherry on the cake to hear that others love them as much as we do.

Recently voted as winners in qualifying categories; both the Micro Cruiser and Balance bike are now recognised as award winning in their own right.

The Junior Design Awards are recognised for their awards for uncompromising style, design and beauty. They celebrate the best-of-the-best for children. We were truly honoured to receive awards in the toy category this year. Here's the low down on why they were voted: WINNER: GOLD FOR BEST TOY DESIGN 3-5 YEARS


WHAT:The Micro Chopper Balance Bike is the perfect first bicycle for toddlers. This lightweight bike allows small children to easily and quickly master balance and control making the transition to a bike with pedals fuss-free. WHY:With no pedals, stabilisers, chains or other heavy mechanical bits and bobs, this balance bike makes it easy, fun and safe for younger children to use and what's more the wheels are puncture and mark free meaning it can be used indoors and out. "My brother can’t balance very well yet.." was what mini-fashionista Fleur lsted of the Isted Kids (and daughter of TV presenter Naomi Isted) told us - we're sure this Micro Chopper would help with that! See the Micro Chopper balance bike here >> WINNER:BRONZE FOR BEST TOY DESIGN 6+ YEARS


WHAT:The Micro Cruiser Scooter offers children a chance to travel further, faster, with an even smoother ride, as the larger wheels mean less effort and help to iron out any lumps and bumps in the pavement. WHY:Think big wheels are just for adults? Think again. The new Micro Cruiser Scooter has bicycle-style handlebars to provide stability and control for those who are new to two wheels and as with all its aluminium scooters it can be folded up to make it easy to carry and store. Mini-fashion influencer Fancy Nancy said "We’ve tried and tested quite a few scooters for doing the school run! Micro scooters have been the best yet for us! Very sturdy and trustworthy." See the Micro Cruiser scooter here >>

Not just any scooter makes it as a Micro scooter.

Expertly crafted to be long lasting and robust every single Micro scooter undergoes a gauntlet of tests to ensure it can withstand the pressure a child or adult can throw at it. Here you can find out a bit more about the tests that we ensure each and every one of our scooters must pass before being recognised as fully fledge Micro.