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Scootercise Exercises

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Warm-up – RPE 4-6 Glide along on your scooter for 6-8 minutes alternating for 1 minute each leg.

Sweep each leg forwards then backwards to mobilise the major joints.

Scoot & Tone – 8-15 repetitions each leg. RPE 5-8 With each exercise brace your core (abs) as you lift to help  stability. Draw the navel to spine. Speed – 2 counts up, 2 counts down.

Push, glide and squeeze your buttocks together.

Push and raise straight leg forwards toward scooter handles..

Push and raise leg.

Push and squeeze leg across between bar and other leg. Lead with the heel. Be sure to have your balance before you try this!

Draw one knee to handle bar. Brace abdomen.

Stand astride the scooter, hold the handles and raise arms to horizontal.

Keep knee in line with hip, flex at the hip and knee to squat. 2 pushes, 2 squats. Brace the abdomen.

Draw handles up to chest height, close to body, elbows above wrists.

With both feet, jump over the scooter. Spring!

Hands on handles, feet astride scooter. Keep knees behind toes as you squqt down. Weight through heels.

Hands on handles, stand to one side of scooter. Take a big step forward. Bend knees to 90 degrees. Keep front knee behind toe. Weight through front heel.

Fold scooter, hold above head, bend, then straighten elbows. Keep elbows close to head.

Back of leg

Front of leg

Calf muscles

Back stretch

Banana (side) stretch

Chest stretch

Benefits of Scooting the School Run

Coordination and attention to detail! River – bank. Use a wide path. The path is safe. To the right is the bank. To the left is the river. When “bank” is called, children scoot to the bank, using right foot. When “river” is called, children scoot to river using the left foot. Last child can be out when playing in a group.

Challenge the senses, body and spatial awareness. 5 times round the circuit, or as a relay game with friends. Glide & balance to the first marker, then sprint as fast as you can to the start of the slalom using your skill to negotiate the bottles filled with sand.

Plyometric strength hands on handles, jump over the scooter with both feet ten times. Keep your feet together.

Glide until you reach a stop 5 times each leg. Balance until the scooter has come to a complete stop. How far can they glide on each leg on a level surface? Practice changing legs without stopping.

A game of reaction, coordination and concentration Stop. Go. Left leg. Right leg. Scooter jumps. Run round the scooter. Lift one leg. Glide. Touch your nose, scooter backwards etc.

Between landmarks such as lamp posts or benches. Change leg on the way back – or change leg for each race. You can use a stopwatch to see if the speed on each leg is equal.

Spatial awareness & coordination Use 6 well spaced bottles for an extra fun challenge! Change legs on the way back.

Control and balance.