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About Scootercise

Simple ways to keep you and your family fit with Micro Scooters. We’ve been so impressed by lots of paretns who have written to us about their fitness programmes using scooters, we’ve decided to roll with it. Working with Mary-Ann Elder, a family fitness specialist from the South of England, we’ve created three, simple-to-follow programmes. These are aimed at:

  • post-natal women
  • adults and children
  • general fitness

We have also included images with the exercises so you can see how they should be done and where you can go wrong. (Green Godess & Mr Motivator eat your heart out)We have designed everything in a way that means you can print them out and take them scooting with you in a handy format.

Choose from the following exercise sheets

Adults Fit Guide

Children’s Fit Guide

Create A Club

You can do all these exercises on your own. But it’s often easier and more fun to exercise with other people. Why not create a Mum’s Scooter Club with some of your friends? Scooting provides a great way to unwind after a stressful day, whatever time of the year it is. We’ve got some great gadgets you can add to your scooter to ensure you can be seen and heard whatever the weather conditions. (Although the “Find the nearest Pub/Coffee Shop” gadget is still a work in progress for those necessary breaks!)

The beauty of scooters is that you can ride them on pavements, in the park – pretty much anywhere where there’s a safe open space. This means you can change your training route on a regular basis so preventing boredom setting in. If you want to encourage other women to join your Mum’s Scooter Club, we’ve created a poster template that you can complete and pin to notice boards at your children’s school, the library and even the local shop.


Why Scooter?

We can’t promise that you will have the body of Angelina Jolie on completion of scooter club but we do know that there are some real positivies from scooting. Here are our Top 10 reasons for getting on your scooter!

1. Using a scooter is a great way to exercise – it’s kinder on your knees than cycling, for a start. What’s more, the scooter itself can be used almost like a piece of gym equipment in your exercise programme. Try doing that with a mountain bike!

2. By getting scooter fit, you’ll be able to keep up with your children as they scooter to school.

3. Talking of school… Scooting you’re way there is a great way to avoid traffic.

4. Scooting is great for the environment – no yucky car fumes to contend with.

5. Money money money! Leaving the car at home to take a spin on your scooter is very cost-effective.

6. Scooting is also a great way of getting around a busy city. Whether it’s commuting to work or taking the family on a sight-seeing tour,you’ll find yourself getting to places more quickly and less stressed if you use a scooter.

7. Time saving! If you are busy parents like us a few extra minutes in the day to allow yourself to “breathe” can be achieved by scooting rather than driving. No traffic lights, no traffic jams and no crazy “other” drivers.

8. It’s fun – this shouldn’t be so low down on the list… It really is so much fun to whizz along on your scooter.

9. You can personalise your scooter to make it inherently “yours” with our huge range of fun accessories.

10. Scooting in your scooter club gives you some much deserved “you” time, it might help you meet new people, experience new things and have fun while doing it.

What do you think? Are you going to take the plunge and try out some exercises or maybe start your very own scooter club? We would love to hear your thoughts, successes and even decamps to the pub stories!