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Scooter v car 'top gear' style challenge

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Introducing Danielle… she raced her husband from Essex to Belgium on her Micro Scooter and won!

Danielle Southall, 27, is a Customer Service Adviser for a stationery company and lives with husband Justin in Colchester, Essex. Together they completed a ‘Top Gear’ style challenge and she raced her husband to Belgium on her Micro Flex (with a little help from the Eurostar). 

“It was just something we had joked about doing one like on the show and thought it would be lots of fun. When my sister’s wedding in Belgium came up, we thought it would be the perfect time to give it a go. Then people started showing a lot of interest in it so we decided to do it in the name of a good cause, Diabetes UK. So far it has raised just under £400, which was a lot more than what we were expecting!”

Danielle’s 355 mile journey took just 8 ½ hours from Colchester, Essex to Yvoir in Belgium, she kept in regular contact with her husband and enjoyed the challenge so much that she is considering scooting the journey again later this year.

What a fantastic idea, did anyone ride with you?

No, I went solo. But some of my family were travelling out on the same day so I met them on the Eurostar.

How did you decide on the route?

We weighed up a few options. i.e the car taking the ferry, different routes across France/Belgium. We went for the one that made the race closer because the Eurostar is very punctual.

How far behind you was your husband?

Well, I rang him when I was close and told him I was about 10 mins away and he was about 40 mins behind me at this point. But once he realised the race was lost he didn’t rush, took in a few of the local sights and ended up getting there quite a bit after that!

How do you think that your scooter helped with the challenge?  
Because it’s so lightweight and small (when folded up) I could easily hop on and off trains, pop it under the seat. Made it very easy to get around with.
What was the best part about taking your scooter?
It was fun! I never felt out-of-breath or anything like that, it was just like I was on a joy ride!

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