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How to have a scooter like no other

  • 2 min read
Did you know our Create Your Own Scootertool allows you to customise your kids scooter in a style that suits them? This post will explain how you can create a bespoke scooter and how long the process takes. WHAT IS CREATE YOUR OWN SCOOTER? Our exclusive design your scooter tool allows you to make your scooter stand out from the crowd by choosing the colour of certain parts of the scooter. You are able to choose the colour of the scooter's;
  • stem
  • handlegrips
  • footplate
  • brake

There are over 50 different colours to choose from and in excess of 110,000 colour combinations possible meaning your child will have a unique scooter that is not only to spot in the crowd of other scooters by is designed by them. create your own

HOW DO I CHOOSE BETWEEN DELUXE & CLASSIC? The first choice you have to make when designing your own scooter is to choose whether you would like a Deluxe or Classic Micro scooter. Our at a glance table shows you the key differences between each scooter

CREATE YOUR OWN SCOOTER - DELIVERY TIMES Whether you order a Deluxe or Classic create your own scooter delivery is free. (yeah). It does take an extra couple of days to build your personalised scooter so please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. shot04-020


INSPIRE ME The choices really are endless and there is much fun to be had in sitting down with your children to design their very own scooter. You can see how other people have chosen to customise their scooter here >> Feeling inspired? Well there's no time like the present. Click here to create your own scooter >>