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4 ways to stay safe on your scooter

  • 3 min read
Congratulations! You've chosen simply the best scooter money can buy. You've unwrapped your scooter, put it together and perhaps even taken it for a few scooting adventures already. Your work here is done. Although not quite. We are not content with just providing the most robust, best made scooters in the world. We feel its our duty, our mission, our responsibility to ensure that everyone who rides one of our scooters or comes into contact with one does so safely. We call it being Scoot Safe. Staying safe on your scooter is easy. Just take a few safety precautions and you will be able to scoot to your hearts content. Follow these 4 rules (which incidentally can also be followed by those of you who ride a bike too).


Whether you scoot the school run, hop on for a 5 minute run to the shops or are just practising. It is essential every scooter rider wears a helmet. Making sure your helmet fits properly is incredibly important. There is no point wearing a helmet that is loose or doesn't fit correctly. Our helmet fitting guideis easy to use and will show you not only how to choose a solid, safe helmet but our 45 second video shows you exactly how to ensure the helmet you do choose is fitted appropriately to the rider. We know getting kids to wear a helmetis easier said than done but we believe it is an essential for every scooter rider.



Be seen when scooting or cycling on darker days with an easy to install light. Whether you choose light up wheels or a traditional scooter light it is important that you are seen when scooting along the pavement. Seen by other pavement users and seen by road users. Choose a light that is weatherproof and elasticated meaning it can be wrapped around the stem or handlebar of your scooter or bike. Micro's range of lights also double as handheld torches and have a variety of flash settings.


micro bells


The third Scoot Safe essential is to ensure you are heard on your scooter. Unlike other scooter models, Micro scooters don't make that annoying tinny, cheap rattle when gliding along the pavement (they are Swiss designed and engineered after all). So you will need something else that ensures other people know you are there. The quickest, cheapest and in our opinion, best solution is to get yourself a bell. A bell can be easily mounted on a scooter or bike and give off a loud satisfying ding for all other pavement and road users to hear. Micro stock a range of bells in a myriad prints and colours allowing you to personalise your scooter or bike.


Scooter knee and elbow pads


Keeping your softer bones or bonier bones wrapped up and safe is the final step in ensuring you are safe to scoot. Micro produce a range of safety pads that not only look great but are extremely robust and will protect every scooter or bike rider. Choose from knee and elbow pads in a range of colours, designs and ages for the ultimate in comfort and protection. Ensure that the pads are well fitted to the user. They should be snug not over tight to allow the rider room to handle their scooter or bike.

Scoot Safe Skills

We teach Scoot Safe skills to hundreds of thousands of children, teachers and parents every year. We have developed the world's first safe scooting curriculum - Scootability™ packed full of practical information, tips and advice on how to scoot safely. It includes information on how to use your scooter correctly, how and why to use the brake, how to be courteous to pavement users and much more. We also fund a team of Scootability™ trainers to deliver this training in to schools and after school clubs every day of the week. If you would like Scootability™ training in your school or club please do get in touch with us. For further Scoot Safe tips please visit our Scoot Safe section here >>