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How to prepare for your first school run scoot

  • 2 min read


It’s time to head back to school after the Christmas holidays. Whether it be your child's first ever school run scoot or perhaps you've been brave enough to join them . Not only is this a healthy way for you both to start your day, your week, your year! You’re helping the environment too!


Before you start scooting, it's important to make sure you are aware of being safe. Ensure that you have the right gear; sensible footwear, helmets, lights and bells. Ensure bags/book bags and water bottles for school are all safely stowed so you have your two hands free. Right we are set...


Here are 9 ideas to start you off: 1) Walk your route first, making sure you find the safest route to take that avoids the busiest roads. Make a note as you do so of the pavements and any obstacles, bins, pedestrians, drain covers etc that might crop up en-route. 2) Check your scooter is working efficiently – particularly the brakes. 3) Make sure you carry a drink with you at all times and drink little and often whilst out on your scooter. 4) Carry a raincoat with you and remember conditions will be more slippery and braking takes longer in wet conditions. 5) If you’ll be scooting after dark, make sure you have a light so that you can find your way and so that people can see you. 6) Do you need a lock for your scooter? Keep your scooter safely locked when not in use. 7) Learn the Scoot Safe code and find out about pavement etiquette. 8) Have fun! See the Micro Scooters Scoot Safe code here >> Here's all the tips you need for scooting on pavements and correct pavement etiquette>> Do this 5 minute scooter MOT on your scooter before you embark on your first trip >> Tell us about your first scoot to school using @microscooters and #schoolrun on Twitter or Instagram