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How to prepare for your first outdoor scooting adventure

  • 2 min read



Since receiving their scooter your child has likely spent their time practising going up and down the hallway getting to grips with their new scooter.

If so (and in order to save your skirting boards) it might be time to crank the adventures up a notch and prepare for the big outdoors.

Here are our top ten tips on how to prepare them (and you) for scooting outdoors.


Spend a bit of time showing your child how to reach for the brake in order to come to a stop. They'll have more confidence in travelling independently if they can use their back foot to stop and less likely to crash or fall.

TIP 2 

You can scoot in all sorts of weather however, just like cars if the wheels become wet they will take longer to slow down. Be mindful of this and best to start slow and steady to avoid any accidents. 

TIP 3 

Obstacles are a great way to get to grips with manoeuvring before embarking on the first big adventure. Use teddies to weave in and out of for extra excitement and this will help your child to develop steering, meaning they will maintain in control over their scooter.

TIP 4 

Stay safe. The first adventure always comes with a curve ball or two so be ready for a few teething problems. 

TIP 5 

Trusting your child to scoot alone can feel a bit daunting. You should agree some rules before setting off. Talk about possible dangers and set limitations about how far they are allowed to scoot away from you. Measuring in lamp posts is always a winner and an exciting way to breed independence.

Here is a scooter reward chart with more ways you praise your child when scooting safely.

TIP 6 

Consider footwear before setting off. Wellies are great for a quick scoot on a rainy day but wont be ideal for those wishing to explore further afield. Trainers are usually the best for those wishing to clock up their scooting miles. 

TIP 7 

If you are scooting with toys or belongings make sure that they are either stowed away and carried on your back or kept out of the way in a scooter bag or basket. Hanging large bags onto the handlebars can interfere with steering, cause the scooter to tip or throw the rider or balance. 

TIP 8 

If you need to leave your scooter momentarily, make sure that it is out of the way of others.

TIP 9 

Always ride in the middle of the pavement and away from the curb edge. 

TIP 10 

Keep an eye out for pedestrians and be courteous. Slow down when you approach them and be prepared to jump off and walk if necessary. 


That’s it! There isn’t much more to it, except to have fun and go make some great memories. 

Wishing you many fun and exciting scooting adventures. Don’t forget to tag us on social @microscooters  

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