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What Are The Similarities And Differences Between A Mini Micro Classic And A Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter?

Are you struggling to choose the right scooter for your child? Do you want to know the difference between a Mini Micro Classic and Mini Micro Deluxe scooter? This guide will explain the differences including:

The different recommended age ranges

The differences in weight limits

The differences between the handlebars

Mini MicroScooter Age Suitability

The Mini Micro Classic scooter is suitable for kids aged 3-5 years.

The Mini Micro Deluxe scooter is for children aged 2-5 years.

Mini Micro Scooter Weight Limit

The Mini Micro Classic scooter has a weight limit of 20kg / 3st 2lbs

The Mini Micro Deluxe scooter has a weight limit of 35kg / 5st 7lbs

Mini Micro Scooter Adjustable Handlebar

The Mini Micro Classic does not have an adjustable handlebar

The Mini Micro Deluxe does have an adjustable handlebar (it goes from 43cm-59cm).

Mini Micro Scooter Stem

The Mini Micro Classic has a aluminum handlebar stem.

The Mini Micro Deluxe has an anodised stem which protects the scooter from corrosion.

Mini Micro Scooter Footplate / Deck

The Mini Micro Classic has a plain deck.

The Mini Micro Deluxe has silicone writing on the deck which not only acts as a grip tape to provide children with more secure footing when scooting but is unique which means you know you have a genuine Micro.


The Mini Micro Classic and Mini Micro Deluxe are similar in the following ways;

  • the stem of both scooters can be entirely removed (very quickly) if for example you want to take your scooter on holiday or even for easier storage at home.
  • lean and steer scooting style. It means a child must lean in the direction they want to go. This technique of steering helps to build a child’s coordination and fine motor skills.
  • strong rear brakes. Some scooters don’t have them! The brake on a Mini Micro is easy to use, sturdy and strong.
  • lightweight aluminum frames. Mini Micro scooters have a lightweight frame making it easy for a child to manage the scooter confidently. A child will be able to easily lift and carry the scooter over kerbs for example.
  • the footplate of the scooter is in a set position. It does not swing so wont hit little ones ankles.
  • 3 puncture and mark free wheels make the scooter suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They also mean a child doesn’t have to balance on the scooter – they can just get on and scoot off.
  • Replacement parts. This is what really sets the Mini Micro apart from other scooters. Every single part of it is replaceable. And we’ve made it our promise to you to not only stock every single part, have them available 24/7 via our website we also have instructional videos showing you how quick and easy it is to make a repair to a Mini Micro if required.

We hope this guide has helped to explain the difference between a Mini Micro and Mini Micro Deluxe scooter. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

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