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Micro's Amazing People: Meet Rob Bounds

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The future of short journeys is all about a healthy lifestyle using sustainable transport.

It comes as no surprise that at Micro Scooters we are incredibly passionate about how people get around. We believe that the future of short journeys is all about a healthy lifestyle using sustainable transport. Earlier this year we heard from Rob Bounds who’s job it is to promote travelling to schools, in a way that’s good for health and the environment. And what an inspirational character he is.

Rob is passionate about healthy travel and enjoys life as an adult scooter rider. 

He doesn’t get paid by Micro Scooters or take any commissions from us. He is simply passionate about scooting as a form of transport. Consequently, you might see Micro Scooters supporting his ‘Travel Smart’ posts on social channels. It’s us, supporting Rob in his day job, everything he campaigns for fits well with Micro Scooters. So we help him to share his love of scooting.

Here is a bit more about him; why he is a great ambassador and one of Micro’s Amazing People. 

“I’m lucky enough to have a really great job. I promote healthy, active and environmentally friendly ways of travelling to school as part of the Travel Smart campaign. This also includes making sure I practice what I preach! So as well as cycling, walking and using public transport, scooting also features as a fun and effective way to Travel Smart, not only in my work but also in the journeys I make too!

Rob’s day job

In schools I deliver playground training sessions aimed at helping to make children’s scooter journey as safe as possible. I also work alongside police officers to security mark scooters as well as encouraging schools to install storage so children have somewhere to park their scooter. And when parents say they have trouble keeping up with their children as they scoot to school I just point them towards the benefits of adult scooting too!

The Travel Smart campaign also tries to inject a bit of fun into the school run with different themes – which has included scooting dinosaurs, scooter super heroes, red nose day hooters on scooters & even scooting selfie elfies!

STARS Awards for schools

All this work also contributes towards to national scheme promoted by the Department of Transport called Modeshift STARS. This rewards schools for their efforts to promote sustainable travel. Many of the schools I’ve worked with have received a STARS award and I’ve travelled to events and conferences around the country to share the success we have had. Naturally this means travelling smart – which has included me wearing a suit for the rail and scoot commute!”

You can find out more about STARS awards for school at modeshiftstars or alternatively follow them on Twitter