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Each week we like to celebrate the lovely things you have told us about why you enjoy your Micro scooters.

We’ve called it #microlove

This week The Sanderson family would like to share their #microlove story...

I know that you will hear lots of positive reviews about Micro Scooters but I just wanted to share this with you: When my eldest daughter turned three, she was lucky enough to receive a Mini Micro scooter from her grandparents. Since her birthday, she has enjoyed riding on it almost every day! From her first hesitant scooting steps to now whizzing along at full speed with me often racing behind to keep up! Her little sister has always adored her big sister and when she kept longingly staring at Olivia on her scooter, I couldn't wait until she could have her own. This still seemed a long way off though and as a child who has always displayed a rather negative (putting it lightly!) reaction to being strapped into a buggy, I was excited to discover the Mini Micro 3-in-1 which come with a small seat for younger toddlers to use. We have not looked back since! Or perhaps I should say – she hasn’t!




Now, my two girls can scoot together, to the park, on the school run or sometimes just a sneaky scoot around the house! I would highly recommend the 3-in-1 to any parent whose toddler craves independence. Strapping her into a buggy has always been a battle and now when I mention that we are going out, I am met by an excited grin, a race to grab her boots and coat and of course, her prized possession, her Micro scooter! At nineteen months, she has learnt to steer, stop and control her 3-in-1 and has developed a real independence. I would not think it was possible to teach such a small child about road safety but now she stops when we approach a road and waits for me to tell her it’s safe to cross and she rings her bell when she would like her big sister to slow down so she can catch up. Many people often ask me how old she is and are shocked when I reply that she is not two for another few months. What stands out is her pure happiness that she gains from riding her scooter – her sparkly eyes say it all! She has developed a real protectiveness towards it to – scooters are NOT for sharing in her eyes! She even remained seated on it once at a café as she was worried about a few glances from other children! The best thing about the 3-in-1 is the length of time that they can be used for. Some parents may feel that they are a tad expensive compared to other toddler ‘modes of transport’ but when you consider that they can be used for about 4 years, then they are great value! I love the way that the handlebar can be removed so two scooters can easily fit into the car and how you can purchase new accessories to customise them. Well done Micro Scooters! We have lots of #microadventures and look forward to many more. Thanks to the Sandersons for taking the time to share their #microlove story. Do you have a story to share with us? We'd love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below or drop us an email. See the 3in1 Mini Micro scooter >> View the Mini Micro scooter >>