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All you need to know about the Micro Workplace Scheme

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Sustainable travel seems to be creeping up everyone’s corporate to do list. With a reduction in car park spaces, unreliable public transport links and an outdated car sharing agenda, the quest to find an innovative solution is time consuming and dull.

Well, things are about to get a little more interesting as there is a new scheme in town; The Micro Workplace scheme.

What is the Micro Workplace Scheme? 

The Micro Workplace Scheme provides your business with two scooters for use within the workplace at no cost. It also gives employees the opportunity of a tax break on their own adult scooter purchases, when they buy directly from Micro Scooters. There is no fee to pay, no hire charge and no financial commitment to the scheme, it is Micro’s way of contributing to the future of #sustainabletravel.

Here is how it works: 

  1. Office management get in contact with Micro Scooters 
  2. Micro Scooters fill out all relevant paperwork on your behalf
  3. Two Micro Scooters arrive at your offices for an immediate #scootcommute
  4. A code is generated for use by office staff to purchase tax free adult scooters
  5. Everyone smiles

Scooting the first mile: why this scheme would be great for where you work

‘It makes my journey to work, on a drab industrial estate, more fun and I’ve halved my commute time from a 45-minute walk to a 20-minute journey.’ Danielle, Essex

Here’s 5 reasons why scooting will improve your working day: 

  • you’ll save on station car parking fees, tube fares and bus passes 
  • you’re less reliant on public transport and less affected by tube strikes and late departures
  • it means you can take the scenic route
  • scooting will reduce staff costs of travelling during work time to meetings and events
  • it improves the ability to break for lunch, doubling the vicinity of where you can travel to on foot
  • scooting can burn up to 300 cals an hour with little to no effort
  • other benefits link to increased productivity and concentrations levels of raising your heart rate before work and during lunch
  • a fold up solution means that scooters can be easily taken into meetings discreetly and take little to no space to store

More and more adults are using scooters to make sustainable journeys


‘There’s no getting away from the fact it’s incredibly practical for work. I commute in from Pulborough in Sussex and it is easy to store, either under seats or in the overhead. I then scoot from Victoria to our offices in Shepherd’s Bush (via Hyde Park and a stop in Gloucester Road). If it starts raining it is easy to fold up and just jump on the tube.‘ Tom, West Sussex

Scooters available through the scheme

There are several scooters available through the Micro Workplace Scheme and these include; Micro Black, Micro White, Micro Flex Deluxe Black and the Micro Flex Deluxe Berry. We also have a range of helmets.

If you would like to find out more about how your company can get involved in the Micro Workplace Scheme, email us at