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Micro Scooters and Sustrans. Transforming the everyday

  • 2 min read

The Micro Passion

Our passion is scooters. Scooters for adults, scooters for children and scooter accessories to boot.

We believe that everyone’s better off owning a scooter. Especially for short journeys (or the last mile as we like to call it).

It's the Micro things that matter

The small things that can make the biggest difference. We honestly believe that scooting can transform the everyday. We are talking active travel solutions and the health benefits of jumping on a scooter and pushing off. Every day journeys become so much more with a scooter; we like to consider it one of your 5-a-day. Scooting offers healthy choices from a young age, instilling long lasting habits and showing children how they can lead a healthy lifestyle. Scooting the school run, ditching the car for short journeys and weekend adventures all foster healthy habits which last a lifetime. #TogetherWeTransformTheEveryday

Why Sustrans?

Sustrans are a leading charity who are working with some very influential organisations to make it easier for more people to walk, cycle and scoot around towns and cities. They invest their time on active travel projects to quite literally transform the school run and the commute. We have supported the charity for many years as we believe its great for children, parents, schools and local communities to get moving in a sustainable way. In 2018 we’ve gone all official and are delighted our partnership has been cemented. It is an exciting year with the campaign being backed by record breaker Mark Beaumont, together we will be supporting families to scoot, cycle or walk around the world in 10 days. Really. Here you can find out more about the Big Pedal and 10 reasons why you should get involved with your school this year >>