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Forget walking meetings. Why everyone is talking about Micro meetings

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Breaking away from your desk for a walking meeting is BIG in business. Take to two wheels and you’ve raised the bar ten-fold. Increased productivity, a secret workout, vicinity doubled and a revolutionary #scootcommute all reap hundreds of rewards for its rider.

However, before you reach for your out of office, here is the reason why adding a scooter to your walking meetings will outperform the walk round the block.

Walking meetings are taking the office world by storm. 

Everyone is talking about it and a quick web search confirms why. Getting out of the office for fresh air and change of scene leads to increased productivity and creativity thanks to a change in perspective.

It is official: sitting at your desk all day is bad for you. 

Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England, has warned about the “perils of sitting at your desk” all day.

The statistics: 

  • British people spend 60 per cent of their waking hours sitting down – and as much as 75 per cent for people who work in offices. 
  • The severe and harmful effects prolonged inactivity – regardless of exercise habits elsewhere – include an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, heart disease and premature death.
  • This has led to sitting being referred to as ‘the new smoking.’ No amount of exercise can offset the damage done by spending a substantial portion of the day sedentary.

<source: UK Active>

Here’s how scooting can really make a difference. 

There is no getting away from it; walking meetings are genius, but how about raising the stakes and taking the idea up a notch. A resent study by the University of Brighton, using our scooters, highlighted the benefits of using a Micro Scooter. Not only will it burn 300cals and hour, it also engages the body in a secret workout, enlisting parts that would not usually be used for walking.

Double your vicinity 

A tandem scoot (a.k.a. scooting alongside another scooter rider) means that you can talk and travel at the same time. It also means that you can travel twice as far than by foot. Suddenly the park is within reach or a scoot along the river is do-able. A much nicer meeting environment than a busy road where traffic makes it hard to concentrate.

How to get Micro Scooters into your workplace 

For a few years now Micro have been offering employees, universities and schools the ability to offer staff an affordable means of purchasing a scooter. The scheme provides free adult scooters for offices and employees the ability to purchase scooters minus the VAT.

Here’s 5 reasons why scooting will improve your working day: 

  • You will save on station car parking fees, tube fares and bus passes
  • There will be less reliance on public transport and less affected by tube strikes and late departures
  • The scenic route will become the easier option
  • Scooting reduces staff costs of travelling during work time to meetings and events
  • It improves the ability to break for lunch, doubling the vicinity of where you can travel to on foot

Scooting can burn up to 300 cals an hour with little to no effort

Other benefits link to increased productivity and concentrations levels of raising your heart rate before work and during lunch

A fold up solution means that scooters can be taken into meetings discreetly and need little space to store

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