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Micro adjustments to major routines

  • 3 min read



Do you dread the prospect of your journey to work every day? Do you want to make your commute at the very least , bearable? There are millions of commuters across the UK who feel exactly the same way.

Myles Warden-Owen was one of them. Until he made a micro adjustment to his routine…. 

As a young professional working in London, public transport has become an all too familiar sight over the past couple of years. A familiar sight which has become much of an added ‘chore’ in my daily routine when getting around the city. 

On a good Monday morning, I’ll have fitted in the following before I sit down at my desk at 9am, provided I roll out of bed when the clock strikes 6am: 

  • A cooked breakfast 
  • A double espresso
  • 60 minutes of exercise
  • Prepared lunch
  • A daily agenda and to-do list

If I’m able to tick off all of the above, I’m usually in for a good week, and can hit the ground running. If not, it’s an uphill struggle until lunchtime! What’s changed recently is the way I’m navigating around South-West London on my way to Fulham or Central.

As an enthusiastic cyclist, I spend a lot of time on the bike; whether it’s commuting, keeping fit, exploring the country, or getting my weekly food shop. Despite the convenience of weaving through traffic and beating the other commuters on their way to work, there are a few downsides when travelling by bike. 

First and foremost, I’m always carrying an XXXXL backpack (it’s a big backpack) with my work clothes, towel, deodorant, change of shoes, bike locks, waterproofs, lights, and a few other items like the kitchen sink. And to be perfectly honest, I’m never quite comfortable about leaving my expensive piece of carbon fibre on the side of the road. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that there must be a more efficient way of getting to work without ‘tapping on’ with TFL. 

In March 2016, I discovered a new way of commuting around the city without having to lug around a suitcase of items on my poor shoulders. I purchased the Micro Black scooter to continue my efforts of keeping off trains, buses, taxis and other public transport. I was determined to make sure that during my commute I was still keeping fit and feeling the fresh air, without the hassle that comes with cycling. 

The Micro Black is fantastic. Its design is flawless, and the deck is perfect for sucking up bumps in the pavement for a smooth ride. It’s folding mechanism is great for convenience and storage; there’s no need for a lock, as the Micro Black fits neatly in my locker in the gym, and will sit comfortably under my desk at work. I’m now commuting with a bag that weighs just a fraction of what it used to, as there’s no need to take a change of clothes to work either, I’m able to scoot in whatever the wardrobe throws at me. I’ve ditched the lock, the lights, the towel and all the other clutter that once accompanied me on a daily basis. 

My commute is just under 2.5 miles via the scooter route I mapped out, and on a good day I can scoot that in 22 minutes. I’m able to beat the bus journey which is approximately 40 minutes’ door to door, and also the train journey which is approximately 35 minutes. I’m saving £15-£20 per week on public transport, and the scooter has already paid for itself. 


Luckily, I’m still able to keep fit, have my cooked breakfast and espresso, my 60-minute gym session, and most importantly I get an extra half-hour kip in the morning thanks to the time I now save scooting. I’ve even started using the Micro Black on my weekends; it accompanies me on my weekly food shop in the trolley. It sits next to the chair as I get my haircut on Northcote Road. And it’s even joined me at the pub on a Friday evening! For a busy bloke in his 20’s, I’m always looking for ways to save time and money, and I think I’ve found the solution!

Don’t worry, I haven’t ditched the bike, it gets the deserved attention most weekends when I’m out exploring different parts of London and The South of England.

Revolutionise your commute.