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Maxi Micro scooters: 6 repair questions solved

  • 2 min read



Do you have a Maxi Micro scooter? Are you struggling to adjust the height of the scooter, need assistance fitting a new brake or need to replace the handle grips?

This post will answer the 6 most common questions we receive about Maxi Micro replacement parts or repairs. So fear not, we will get you back up and scooting in no time at all.

1. How do I adjust the height of my Maxi Micro scooter?

To adjust the height of a Maxi Micro scooter simply open the collar clamp on the scooter, push the button in, raise the stem to the desired height then close the collar clamp.

2. The red / black push button at the stem of the Maxi Micro is missing.

Immediately remove the stem of the scooter and see if the button is inside the stem of the scooter. If it is missing you will need a new push button clip.

Watch our video to show how to replace it>>>

3. The wheels on my Maxi Micro have stopped turning / are stuck.

In the first instance you should try spraying the bearings with 3in1 or similar light machine oil and leave overnight. If this doesn’t solve the problem and the wheel is still in good condition the bearings will need replacing. You can buy bearings for your scooter and watch an instructional video on how to replace them. If the wheel is in poor condition we would suggest replacing the whole wheel.

4. The brake on my Maxi Micro is rattling / worn / not working properly. 

We would recommend you replace the brake immediately. You can purchase a replacement brake here.

Our video tutorial will show you step by step how to replace it on your scooter.

5. How do I replace the handle grips on my Maxi Micro scooter?

You can watch our video. Although our quick trick is to spray hairspray inside the new grip – this gives enough lubricant to get them on to the stem and leaves no sticky residue.

6. The steering on my Maxi Micro is wonky / loose.

  • Check your b bends. To do this:
  • Unscrew the two Phillips head screws on the underside of the scooter
  • You will see two black springs. If these have come out of position or are broken they will need replacing (buy here). You can watch a video showing how to replace them.

Has this Maxi Micro repair guide helped?

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