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Why Hugo and Edward love their Micro Trike

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Hugo and Edward are two years old. They live in Essex and are the best of friends.

Both Hugo and Edward have a Micro Trike and share their adventures with us from time to time. So we thought that you would like to hear all about them and why they (and their parents, Rebecca and Gemma) think that it is a great product. Here’s why Hugo and Edward love the Micro Trike…

Hylands Park 

“We took the Trike as I was worried that Hugo wouldn’t be able to scoot. The Trike was pushed over grass, leaves and mud and stones, it was easy and Hugo was comfortable. My husband and I loved the wheels and the steering mechanism. It surprisingly goes over stones quite well” (Rebecca). 

At the seaside 

“We’ve had a lot of comments from passers by about not having seen one like that before. Love the way it folds so small, on Friday I had the trike, the scooter and my buggy in the boot and still had plenty of room” (Gemma). 


Shopping in town

“We are finding we take it in car everywhere and it’s perfect for those ‘in and out the car’ moments. 

I love our trike so much! Shopping trips have been so much more enjoyable since we’ve had this, I love how easily it steers through crowds of people or in narrow shopping aisles, and Edward sits happily as he thinks he’s a big boy. Wish I’d had one years ago with my first child, it’s awesome and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it!” (Gemma). 

“The Accessories are fab! At just over 2 Hugo is able to open the bag himself and put his “ninny” inside (his Muslin cloth, which is his comfort blankie) and take this wherever he goes”. (Rebecca)

Micro Scooters believe the Trike is a class above other pushchairs and strollers. Here’s 6 things that make the Trike so unique:

How easy it is to manoeuvre, in other words, its a breeze to push and steer.

Its incredibly lightweight

Folding is so easy, the design on the Trike is very clever allowing the Trike to fold flat in an instant.

It is quiet! Its Swiss design means it doesn’t clatter along the pavement like other brands.

Most of the Micro accessories range will fit the Trike. Lights, Bells and Bags…

You can store it anywhere, literally!

If you would like to find out more you can click here to shop the Micro Trike

Alternatively, watch a video of the Trike in action, by clicking here

With special thanks to Hugo, Edward and their families. We are glad the Micro Trike is taking you on so many exciting adventures.

As with all of our wheeled products, we recommend children wear a helmet when using the Trike. The safety strap should always be worn with little hands kept on the handle bars and small feet on the foot rest for stability. Caution should be exercised when moving up or down kerb.