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Light-up Every Day with the new Micro LED range

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Light-up Every Day

Here is something to put a sparkle in your scoot....LED wheels! We offer a range of scooters with LED wheels, and you can even buy the wheels to 'add a little sparkle' to the scooters you already have .... >>>LED WHEELS

The range comes in a choice of colours and joins the range of Mini and Maxi Micro Scooters.

Mini LED Classic 

Mini LED Deluxe 

Maxi LED Deluxe

What makes the LED range is so special?

High quality non marking PU wheels.

These wheels are used in the children's Micro scooter range. They are wheels of a superior quality designed to grip the road and are moulded to never lose their shape. They also are made with our standard high quality ball bearings for a quieter smoother ride.

White LED

White LED lights are integral to and illuminate the front two wheels and are specially made to increase the visibility of the rider to other pavement users as well as this it increases the visibility for the scooter rider too, helping them see where they are scooting.

Powered by kinetic energy

The wheels operate by kinetic energy and only light up when in use so you don't have to worry about switching them on and off. Inductive charging Batteries not included…or needed… thanks to inductive charging. The full Micro LED range is now available online, head on over and browse the best LED scooter for your child.

The Micro Difference

We are immensely proud of all the scooters in our range. Not any scooter will make it as a Micro Scooter and we ensure longevity of our range by insisting on stringent testing in the design of our scooters. Here you can watch the tests all of our scooters go through to ensure that each one makes it to be part of the Micro range: