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Is your little one ready for a baby scooter?

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This post examines the different options available for baby scooters, toddler scooters and multi-functional ride on scooters. SCOOTER FOR A BABY? There is no hard and fast rule about when a baby or toddler can use a scooter. It certainly doesn’t come down to age appropriateness and is based much more on the development of each individual child. The first 10 years of life provide a critical window for creating a lifelong commitment to physical activity. The more you encourage your baby or toddler to move and explore the more likely he/she will become active and confident in adolescence and adulthood. Encouraging your baby to use their fine and gross motor skills through every day play will mean they are readier at an earlier age for a scooter or ride on toy. When your baby starts to pull themselves up on furniture and can hold the weight of their own bodies when standing they are then ready for a scooter or ride on toy. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A SCOOTER OR RIDE ON TOY FOR A BABY OR TODDLER?
  • A scooter or ride on that adapts to suit each stage of your baby’s development
  • A well-made robust product that will last them years and years
  • Easy to use and provides the opportunity to master their burgeoning fine and gross motor skills


  • 3in1 Mini Micro ride on scooter
  • Suitable for use from 12 months old or when a baby can hold their own body weight
  • 3 scooters in 1 to last a baby 5 years
  • Converts from a sit down ride on scooter to an iconic Mini Micro scooter
  • Available in 3 colours
FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR BABY SCOOTERS HERE Baby scooter - Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe YOUR BABY’S READINESS FOR SCOOTING Babies develop reflexive movements as part of their natural development. These movements will be assessed during health visitor appointments to ensure the normal early development markers are being attained. Tasks such as being able to control head position, reaching and grasping for objects and the initial stages of attempting to walk are all signs that your baby is ready for a scooter. THE BENEFITS OF A BABY SCOOTER Micro Scooter’s products are beneficial for improving child’s motor development and embedding early activity habits. This is the time when gross motor development takes place (first steps, upright movement) and is considered to be the base camp for more context specific movements (the next stage). In essence a ride on scooter product will allow your baby to engage in movement activity completely naturally – which will help build the building blocks of future strength, coordination and ultimately confidence. You can’t teach a baby to move – it happens naturally. However by giving your baby the freedom to move and to test her movement skills with a product that can adapt as she reaches her next milestone is proven to foster long term habits that will last a lifetime. See our range of baby scooter’s here.