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How to use your Micro to hunt for Bear!

  • 2 min read



‘Team Keys’ took their Micro Scooters out for the day and had some seriously fun family time. A must for the holidays if you’re looking for a Summer adventure with your children.

Donned with some very tasty Bear snacks they downloaded the printable Bear scavenger hunt and headed to Dunstable Downs to start their adventure. 

Download your list here so that you can play along all week. Even better! Send your photo’s on your nature hunt to by 25th July for your chance to win some seriously tasty bear snacks and a brand new Micro Scooter to take on your next adventure. 

Micro Scooter scavenger hunt post 

Here are some fantastic photos of the fun to be had. Micro Ambassadors Matt and Louise Keys explain why everyone should have a go at this scooting adventure… 

This Sunday we had a spare afternoon and thought as the weather was amazing it would be a great opportunity to get the whole family out together and do the Bear Scavenger hunt! 

We went to the Woodland area to start our scavenger hunt and all worked together to hunt down and find the required bugs and items needed for the hunt. 

It was fantastic how even our 11 year old got involved with helping his siblings find them. It was a race to see who could find something to tick off. 

Normally if we are in a woods the kids only want to do a short walk but on Sunday they were adventuring, looking in plants and listening for birds. 

It was great that even Sophie, our youngest at 2 years old, could join in as there were pictures of what to look for. They loved scooting from one place to another to see who could find the next thing on the hunt! 

The Downs are an amazing place to explore and its very scooter friendly, so it is always top of our list when it comes to scooting adventures. 

When we finished we scooted all the way over to the headland overlooking the Downs and watched the gliders taking off before heading back home.