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How to organise a Scootathlon

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Organising a sponsored scoot (or Scootathlon) is a fun way to raise money for charity. We currently sponsor scootathlons run by our partners at the Human Race in addition to this, over the years, we have also sponsored smaller, local events often organised and run by parents.

Sophie Morgan at Herne Hill school is one such parent. Her school’s Scootathlon raised over £7,000 for charity. 

You can do the same. Here are Sophie’s tips on how to organise a Scootathlon 

Five months before the event 

• Decide which charity your school scootathlon is going to raise money for.

• Contact the park where you wish to hold the event to secure the date. A Scootathlon generally isn’t classified as an “official” event as it doesn’t involve erecting tables / tents etc in the park. However, it will be added to the park’s events calendar so that they don’t book another event on the same morning. 

Four months before the event: 

• Start contacting local companies/other school parents etc to ask if they will donate some prizes.

Three months before the event: 

• Send out a Scootathon letter to Parents and place add in school’s newsletter.

• Brief class teachers (and parent reps if your school has them) on event and engage their help rallying support for it and also encouraging the setting up of online sponsorship pages. 

• Potential to customize class tee-shirts in class. (This might need approval from your school’s head teacher). 

• Ask the school office (or any willing parents) if they can arrange certificates. It’s good to ask early and then remind them nearer the event. 

One month before the event: 

• Set up Sponsorship pages online – either individually or as a class can be good so that the act of raising money doesn’t become too competitive with some children feeling embarrassed if they haven’t raised as much as other children. These pages can be personalised with messages and photos.

• Give weekly updates to the teachers and class reps on how much has been raised, so they can let their class team know. The idea is to encourage and support without parents feeling pressured. 

The month of the Scootathlon 

On your marks, get set… Go!

• Communicate to the teachers or class reps the week before re where starting from / time etc, and they will be able to send this information to their classes. (It might be an idea to print small flyers for teachers to put in book-bags.) 

For the day, you can look at some / all of the below: 

• Balloons to mark the starting spot. 

• Flags or banners from your chosen charity. 

• Starting / finish flag. 

• Medals / badges for all competitors. 

• Buckets with sweeties for all competitors 

• Ice Lollies. 

• First Aid Kit (Most parks will insist on this and better to have and not need.) 

Actual Scootathlon: 

• It’s a good idea to set the teams off by class.

• Generally, every child will have to have a parent or carer accompanying then around the entire lap. This can be on foot, or on wheels. 

• The event generally is not covered by Insurance and is not an “official” school event, so each parent must take full responsibility for their own child’s safety. Helmets are recommended. 

• Each teacher starts their own race. 

• One parent per class should be asked to record down the first three over the line. 

• Each child receives a lolly / sweeties on completion. 

• At the end, everyone is presented with a medal. 

• Thank you small speech. 

• Head teacher awarded the prizes and certificates in assembly. 

And that they say is how it’s done. A massive thank you and congratulations to Sophie and all the children, staff and parents at Herne Hill school. 

Has your school taken part in a Scootathon? Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments below