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How to choose the right stunt scooter

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How to choose a stunt scooter

Stunt scooters aren’t the same as kick scooters, they have been specially designed to withstand the hardest knocks at the skate park. 

Put simply, stunt scooters are a bit like a BMX bike compared to a road bike. 

A ‘traditional’ scooter has been designed to get you from A to B quickly and comfortably.  

A stunt scooter on the other hand is designed with tricks and skate parks in mind.  

The stunt scooters that you find at Micro have been intrinsically designed by experts and road tested by pro riders. They all have the Swiss Micro quality you have come to expect and trust, and therefore you can feel reassured that the scooter has been designed and engineered to the highest standards.   

Meet Pro rider Archie Cole

Archie Cole has been riding scooters since he was 11 years old, and at just 23 years old is one of the most successful pro riders on the scene.   

He has won the UK Scooter Championship, European Scooter Championship and competed multiple times in the World Championships. In 2013 he was ranked as the third best rider in the world, gaining international fame and building up a loyal fanbase of followers around the globe.    

Archie regularly posts inspirational videos, behind the scenes pictures, tutorials and how to videos on his online channels.   

Archie is sponsored by Chilli and has expertly designed his very own signature scooter to meet all the needs of the next up and coming pro rider.   

You can see our whole range of stunt scooters here.

What is a Chilli stunt scooter? 

Chilli is the sister brand to Micro and has a huge following of children and adult stunt riders across the world. Chilli produces scooters to help kids become athletes. Allowing them to ride with confidence safety so they can show off their skills and aim for the top.   

Renowned in the stunt world for producing high spec, long lasting stunt scooters for kids, our range of Chilli stunt scooters are made with the same aluminium used in airplane wings.   

The Micro range of stunt scooters are lightweight yet solid – designed for tricks and jumps at the skate park. Micro quality and attention to detail run throughout allowing your emerging stunt scooter rider to perfect their tricks in style and with the utmost safety.     

Which scooter is right for my child?   

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a stunt scooter and with some on the market having a price tag that requires serious investment, it’s not a decision you want to get wrong.   

At Micro, our range of scooters have been curated to suit a range of users and have teamed up with Chilli to ensure that the range includes some of the best scooters on the market.   

We have put together this buyers guide to help you find the best stunt scooter for your child.           

Does the scooter fold down? Why doesn’t it fold? 

Unfortunately a folding scooter and a stunt scooter do not mix well. This is because the stem of the stunt scooter and the compression system (the part where the handlebar fixes into the footplate) need to be super strong to withstand the force of the stunts at the skate park.   

They use their Sprite/Maxi/Mini on the skate part why do they need a stunt scooter?  

Sprite, Maxi and Mini are fantastic for cruising the pavements, however, they are not designed to tackle more complicated tricks. Therefore, we recommend to upgrading to a specifically designed stunt scooter to keep children safe at the skate park.

I like the styling and choice of the Micro folding scooters, why is a stunt better on the skate park?  

All of the stunt scooters in our range have been specially designed for completing tricks. They are streamlined in their design, have smaller wheels and the handlebars are constructed in such a way that means that they have been reinforced for safety. This is why they have a very individual look and design.   

Folding adjustable scooters simply have no longevity in the skate park as they have been designed for pavement use.    

Does the stem adjust upwards?  Why is it static height? 

Unfortunately adjustable handlebars and a stunt scooter do not mix well. This is because the stem of the stunt scooter and the compression system (the part where the handlebar fixes into the footplate) need to be super strong to withstand the force of the stunts at the skate park.    

Can it be used for the school run, general scooting as well as the skate park?

Absolutely, however it is important to know that the wheels on a stunt scooter are smaller for shorter bursts of speed within more confined areas. Also the handlebars set to a lower height which can cause balancing problems on pavements. Great for the skate parks allowing children to pull up on the bars to lift the scooter into the air, but not so great for avoiding pot holes and drain covers on the school run.    

Which height handlebar do I need for my child?    

You should always choose your stunt scooter by height of the child rather than age. As a rule handlebars should sit somewhere in between the bottom of the pockets to the top of the hips. The width of the bar is for stability and balance and should roughly be the same width as the riders shoulders.    

Why is the Ramp stem taller when it’s for beginners?  

There are number of different styles and designs as all children are unique. Its always best to go by your child’s height rather than their age in order to get the best scooter for their needs.   

Can you fit LED wheels onto the stunt? 

 Unfortunately not, the wheels on a stunt scooter are smaller for shorter bursts of speed within more confined areas. The LED wheels will simply not fit.   

Does it come with bigger wheels?  Why not? 

Wheels on a stunt scooter are important for shorter bursts of speed within more confined areas. They are also reinforced for strength allowing them to withstand additional forces.   

What is the difference between the models?   

It is most important to consider the height of the child as to how suitable the stunt scooter will be. All our stunt scooters are designed for half pipe tricks and all are able to perform brilliantly at the skate park. You might wish to consider whether your child needs stunt pegs and also think about how streamlined the scooter itself needs to be, weight of the scooter is of course another important consideration and holes in the deck help ergonomics when lifting the scooter at the top of ramps.   

What are stunt pegs? 

 Stunt pegs are added to the front scooter wheels add a little more weight onto the scooter giving a little extra stability and allows for a different type of trick (for those in the know, this includes ice pick grinds and toothpicks)    

Is there a carry strap for stunt scooters? 

Unfortunately the stunt scooters are not designed to be compatible with a carry strap. This is because the addition of rings (to clip the strap onto) conflict with streamlining, which is very important for going fast and perfect performance.   

Can I buy accessories for my stunt scooter? 

Unfortunately scooter accessories and stunt scooters are not a match made in heaven. This is because in order to be a real pro at the skate park, riders must favour a streamlined ride to get the most out of the trick. This is why you’ll rarely see accessories on stunt scooters. They can be problematic when it comes to safety. 

Can I get replacement stunt scooter parts? 

We have a range of replacement parts available on our website. We wouldn’t recommend fitting parts other than those available for that particular scooter otherwise this may compromise warranty and safety. How do I fit stunt pegs – Simply unscrew the existing axle bolt that is located through the center of the wheel, then place the stunt peg in and tighten.   

Other important information that’s good to know: 

A stunt scooter deck rotates 360 degrees. The design of stunt stems mean that the kick plate rotates infinitely and effortlessly, this makes them perfect for barspins and tailwhips. This makes them perfect for slides 

Stunt decks have a smooth underside, this makes them perfect for rail slides

Adding pegs front and rear allows riders to grind on that side more easily