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How to change someone's Christmas

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Spending time with our family, feeling safe, warm, happy and loved are surely the things we all hope for and look forward to at Christmas. At the moment there are hundreds of thousands of families coming to Europe to escape the horrors of war. Families just like us. However, unlike us, many of the refugees won’t be with their families this Christmas. They won’t be safe, warm and happy. However, we wanted them to know that we care. We wanted them to know that we are thinking of them. 12313679_10156173731175062_5904588214268393855_n So as part of our Scooter Aid scheme we set off earlier this week from Westbourne House School in West Sussex with 250 Micro Scooters rucksacks (4 car loads) each containing an outfit for a child and adult. Thank you Westbourne for filling the rucksacks with your generous gifts and donations! 3 4 We drove the rucksacks to Guildford to Tom Tomski and his extraordinary volunteers at Guildford People to People. The volunteers were so pleased with our Micro scooter rucksacks and one commented that she couldn't help but think that the refugees would feel welcomed with a pack of warm clothes in one of our backpacks. 1 7 The voluntary organisation has been set up to provide support to refugees across Europe. Along with the rucksacks Tom’s team had donations which included 600 children’s and adult’s jackets, 213 blankets and sleeping bags, 150 pairs of walking shoes and sturdy trainers as well as 1,133 scarves, hats and pairs of socks – all from local people. 12294769_10156173731155062_728129522781602819_n To find out about collections for refugees please contact Calaid >>