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How to beat the tube fare price increase

  • 2 min read
Did you know at the start of this year fares across the TFL network increased on average by 1% More specifically,10p was added to the cost of a Zone 1 and Zone 1-2 peak fare. Fares beyond Zone 6 have increased by 10p too. That means a return tube journey from Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court Road now costs £4.80. Over a year that cost equates to nearly £5,000. Save yourself £5,000 and do the 4 minute scoot instead.Scooting times between London tube stations Our #scootlondon tube map shows you just how quick and easy it is to scoot between tube stations. In fact, we've picked some of the most popular tube journeys and show you how much time and money you could save if you scooted them instead. Waterloo to Leicester Square 40 minutes walking time. 4 stops on the packed tube for a return cost of £4.80 or a 10 minute scoot for a return cost of £0.00 and enjoy the benefit of burning 100 calories (see scootercise >>) London Bridge to Holborn 46 minutes walking time, 15 minutes, 2 changes and a 5 minute walk between crowded tube platform for the return cost of £4.80 or a 10 minute scoot in the great outdoors, toning your arms and legs and all for a return cost of £0.00. Liverpool Street to Farringdon A 25 minute walk or a fight to get on the tube at Liverpool Street all for a weekly return cost of £25. or A 9 minute scoot on your adult Micro scooter, bypassing the crush, smell and lack of personal space on the tube._DSC1505 So thats money saving, calorie burning and time saving. What's not to love about #scootingthetube. Will you give it a go? Let us know in the comments below. Find the perfect adult scooter for you >> Take up Scootercise - our free & fun workouts >>