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How to accessorise your scooter

  • 2 min read
Now we know, that you know, that we know (!) getting out with the children for a scooting adventure of two not only makes you feel great, the kids feel wonderful and everyone else jealous (naturally) but it also feels like a bit of an achievement - yes we are doing this parenting lark quite well. But did you know that aside from the scooting part there is tonnes of fun to be had in the "decorating your scooter" part. Whether its to identify your scooter from all the others at the school gates or to allow your child to stamp their own personality on their scooter we have a wealth of scooter accessories to help you achieve your goal. But where to start? Here are our favourite scooter decorating ideas and themes 1. Scooter Pirate If your little boy or girl has a penchant for Jack Sparrow, the Jolly Roger and says "aha me hearties" far too much than our range of pirate accessories may be the ticket. pirate Micro bag, Mini Micro scooter, pirate boy scooterChoose from 2. Neon Dotty Disco Diva neon dotty accessories, girls scooter, dotty bag Our bright beautiful range of neon dotty accessories are perfect for any child who would like their scooter to stand out from the crowd. Choose from 3. Camouflage King & Queen black boys scooter, orange helmet, camo rucksack For the army adventurer in your life our scooter bags and bottle holders are perfect accompaniments Choose from 4. Too cool for school If your child loves their 2 wheeled Sprite scooter they may also love these scooting treats. sprite scooter, red scooter Choose from 5. Raspberry Ripple Now how's this for co-ordination...a purple or raspberry (depending on your view) mixture of scooting accessories. purple scooter, scooter bag Choose from dinosaur scooter accessories 6. When dinosaurs attack! If your little boy or girl has become a Stegosaurus aficionado then our dinosaur accessory set is for you! Choose from: We hope our picks spark your own inspiration. What is your favourite scooter accessory combination? Let us know in the comments below or why not show us your own scooter set up?