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How not to be like 80% of parents

  • 2 min read
And so the back to school rush/terror/organisation begins. After the extortion of the school uniform shop, surviving the queues at the shoe shop and the shakedown for new pencils, pencil case, gel tip pens at the stationery shop you would think most parents could sit back and relax – relishing the return of their little ones going back to school. Normality is only around the corner. Or so you would think. But according to a survey an astonishing 77% of parents find the school run more stressful than work or grocery shopping.
  • Nearly half of parents admitted to feeling ill about the drive to school
  • A quarter of parents admitted to “heated debates” with other parents over parking at the school gates
  • 80% confessed to losing their temper with the children on the drive to school.
Sound familiar? Well, as promised. Here’s our guide to avoiding all that. Walking or scooting to school even 1 day a week is a fun way to get some exercise. Tell a child they will be scooting to school and suddenly, miracuslousy, school shoes are put on, school bags are found, teeth are brushed – it really is a modern day school run miracle :-) Scooting the school run is a form of low impact toning – your legs will love it! It is also;
  • Fat burning
  • Core conditioning
  • Endurance building
  • Helps agility, strength, stability and co-ordination
  • Inexpensive
  • Suitable for all ages and sizes
But don’t just take our word for it. Fitness expert Mari-Ann Elder has developed Scootercise - a scooting exercise programme for children and adults which puts the fun (and free-ness) back into exercise. If a toned tum, bum and mornings of calm don’t appeal to you…. What about the benefits of scooting on your pocket? Savings you’ll make by scooting to school in term time
Distance to / from school 1mile 2 miles 3 miles
Scooting 1 day a week £87.50 £175 £262.50
Scooting 2 days a week £175 £350 £525
Scooting 3 days a week £262.50 £525 £787.50
Scooting 4 days a week £350 £700 £1,050
Scooting 5 days a week £437.50 £875 £1,312.50
Figures have been calculated on a total motoring cost (including insurance, depreciation, servicing and petrol) of 55.74p per mile (the average figure in 2012 according to the RAC) and making two round trips a day. Convinced yet? Is scooting the school run the new way forward? Let us know in the comments below. To find the perfect scooter for you or your child have a look at the Micro scooter guide >> See the essential things you will need for back to school >>