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How never to be late for work again

  • 2 min read

Tube delays have doubled since 2013 due to overcrowding.

Figures released by TfL last year show passengers had to endure 280,355 "lost" hours because of overcrowding on the tube network. We've all been left standing on the platform as another tube load of sardines real, human people who feel like sardines get whisked in to the tunnel. Although you may wait only another 2 minutes for the next tube to come along apparently those minutes add up to many hours and combine to make you late for work. According to one survey, employee lateness costs the economy £9 billion a year* So how do you prevent the foot stomp of fury at missing yet another tube and not contribute to the stat from the survey above? Get yourself an adult scooter. Of course. LEAVE LATE. ARRIVE EARLY. Using a scooter as part of your journey to work will save you time and money. It's also a great form of exercise Did you also know you can scoot between tube stops in less than half the time of walking as our alternative London tube map shows. You may never be late for work again and you will save yourself a fortune on your Oyster card (find out how much here >.). What's not to love? Still not convinced? Here's 25 other reasons all adults should scoot >> Will you cease to be sardine like every day? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our range of adult scooters here >> *Researchers used the average hourly pay rate of British employees (£15.67), the total working population figures and the average number of minutes late to work, work meetings and work events per person (17.7) to calculate the estimated cost of late workers to the economy.