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Harry's Micro Adventure; in search of the Highway Rat

  • 2 min read



We got Harry a next generation pushchair for Christmas.

Inspired by Micro’s promises that the ‘Trike will mark the end of the buggy wars’ we embraced it whole heartedly. Since H turned 18 months it seems his love affair for kicking back and observing the sights from the buggy had come to a bitter end.

H was ready for cranking his adventures up a gear. My handsome Mr Determined was ready for independence. 

Uber modern design 

The Micro Trike arrived early December and we were immediately smitten by it’s uber modern design. The fact that it folds flat and is incredibly lightweight meant we knew we were on to a winner.

The Highway Rat trail

Our first family outing was to Jeskyns Forest, near Gravesend where we followed Julia Donaldson’s Highway Rat Trail.

The trail has paths which are perfect for scooting so we brought our Micro Trike along on its first proper outing for our son to try. It didn’t let us down.

We bought him a loot bag from the café (which contained a plethora of Highway Rat themed activities including a highway rat mask. H wore this for his adventure).

With his ‘loot’ bag on the handle, we completed the 1k circuit, including some ‘off road’ terrain, hopping off and on at the play parks along the way.

Micro accessories to boot

We attached a Micro Basket to the Trike which was perfect to collect his ‘treasures’. Moving at adult walking speed and with unrestricted 360′ views my intrepid explorer was more that happy to stay seated, spotting the characters hidden along the walk.

Travelling by Trike meant that H was able to keep up with his sisters in a much more interactive way compared to if he was in his buggy.

We got several looks from other parents who seemed to give a glance of admiration at the Trike as their toddlers were refusing to walk (or walking in the wrong direction!).

I am so glad that one of these arrived at Christmas time. It has opened up a wealth of new adventures for Harry and our outings have begun a new chapter. Whether it is to the park, on the school run or at weekends H can now happily keep up with his sisters and, more importantly, the buggy wars have officially ended.

With special thanks to Micro Ambassador Harry for sharing his Micro adventure with us.

Alternatively, if you’re smitten and are looking to purchase one, you can shop the Micro Trike here >>