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From tennis balls to strawberries

  • 2 min read

From tennis balls to strawberries. Here are some Wimbledon-inspired scooter games to keep your children entertained this summer.

Playing on your scooter doesn’t always have to be about reaching a destination. You can use a scooter in many ways to help children develop key skills like balance and coordination as well as expand their gross motor skills.

Wimbledon begins this month and we have some tennis-inspired games to inspire little ones to get active. Don’t forget to serve strawberries and cream for an alfresco snack in true Wimbledon style.


  1. Inspired by the rallies that set the very best tennis matches aside from the rest. This game involves children scooting back and forth between two points. Time how long they take between each turn and offer points for the number of relays they complete. For older children, you can add in a ‘beat the buzzer’ round to see if they can reach their destination before the buzzer sounds.
    See the full rules of the game and how to play here >

  2. Using two children’ micro scooters set apart, tie either end of some rope, string or ribbon to their stems. Use this as a makeshift net and get young children honing their hand-eye coordination skills by throwing a tennis ball over the rope. When they get a bit more savvy, you can introduce tennis rackets into the mix.

  3. Wimbledon BBGs (ball boys and girls) need to be very fit and have brilliant throwing and catching skills. See if you’ve got what it takes with this game using your scooter basket. Throw a tennis ball in the air and see if you can land it in the centre of your basket. Take a step back for every time you hit your target. Earn points for the number of wins you get. Got everything you need? You can shop our range of scooter baskets here > 

  4. Challenge your BBGs skills further by placing objects on the grass. Your child needs to run and collect one at a time, ensuring that they return each one to the basket.

  5. Lastly no set of games is ever complete without a mascot cheering you on from the sidelines. Here are a range of scooter heads that are perfect for just that >

    Perhaps you could even name one after your favourite tennis champion…?