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How to find the best place to scoot

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In our opinion there is nothing more exciting then being outdoors with the kids, wheeling out the scooters to go exploring.

Whether it’s a trip to the local park, nature spot, trip to town or a full day around the city we love getting out, getting healthy and spending time with the kids. We call these Micro Adventures.

So you’ve got your scooters at the ready, now you just need to know where the best places are to go for a fun scooting adventure. 

Maybe you’re looking for somewhere different to go near your home, or you’re taking your scooters on holiday with you and want the low down on where to scoot when you get there. 

The best place to start is the National Cycle Network. For Sustrans have already done most of the hard work of research for you. For the Network makes up 14,000 routes across the UK of the very best scootering terrain. 

View the interactive map here> and search by postcode. 

It has hundreds of scoot-able routes for all ages; choose to scoot along the river or in the English countryside. There is a huge number of journeys to suit everyone. 

Things to consider when planning your Micro Adventure. 

The terrain. Flat paths are the very best for scooting,graveled tracks can prove troublesome. Ensure that on your adventure you consider how easy it will be to get from a to b so that everyone will finish the route smiling.

Local wildlife, if you’re keen on easily spotting some then the obvious choice is to choose a route that’s rural. If you’re on holiday or new to the area a quick google search will help you with some top tips and advice on local conservation areas. Not always will you have to venture into the country as urban areas can also prove to be homes to an abundance of nature.

If you’re not planning on packing a picnic, ensure that you factor somewhere to stop to grab a snack for your little explorer who will no doubt be subject to exercise-induced hunger pangs.

Urban scoots can be just as exciting and a journey through the woods. Plan a scooter route to the local park, play area or skate park will increase the amount of fun on the adventure and will feel more rewarding than jumping in the car. Alternatively a quick scoot to the river or pond to feed the ducks will delight the youngest of explorers in your party.

Heading to an open space where children can scoot from you safely means you can promote independence whilst keeping an eye on the kids as they’re scooting.

If you’re travelling further afield and reliant on the car, suss out car parking spaces along the route so you can choose the distance that suits you and your child.

Here you can find 10 top scoot safe tips to ensure that your adventure is as safe as it can be.

To have an epic day out scooting with the kids you might just need your own set of wheels. An adult scooter makes keeping up with the kids a piece of cake plus a whole lot of fun for everybody. Not sure which scooter to buy? Let our adult scooter guide help you decide.

Where do you go to scoot?

Wherever you are, if you’ve got a scooter you’ll have a favourite place to scoot. We want to hear about it! Comment below or tag us on social and we will share your adventures. Don’t forget to use a lovely pic and tell us the name of your favourite place and why it’s so great 🙂