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Family scooting; go ahead create wonderful memories!

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At Micro we believe that family scooting is important for the soul. It will create wonderful memories, it unites you with the experience of being young again, it makes children shriek with delight that their parents have embraced the scooting revolution.

What the experts say: 

One especially relevant parenting theory, hitting social media at the moment is called ‘hygge’. It is a Danish term and translated it broadly means to spend quality time with each other. The mantra is employed by families all over Denmark as they believe that by setting aside time everyday for your family in a cosy environment will increase feelings of appreciation. 

Family scooting can give you hygge: 

Family scooting it seems can also tick this box outside of the home. As a result of employing this theory to life outdoors and scooting as a family, will help create a family bond on a whole new level. 

Transform boring journeys into great adventures: 

As a result, scooting with the children can literally transform the most boring journeys into a great adventure. Its healthy for everyone and can literally cut in half the time it takes to walk the same journey. Plus the children will be over the moon that there parents have joined them on scooters too! And most of all nothing beats that feeling of them smiling back at you. 

We asked Micro Scooters Ambassadors ‘why scoot with the children?’ and consequently this is what they had to say on the subject: 

“I scoot with my kids because I love being one of the gang (and we get everywhere really quickly!)”  

Vicki, Hampshire 

“Scooting with your children puts you right in the middle of the action! It has opened up our world to even more adventure and the family bonding is amazing”. 

Pauly, Shropshire 

“Scooting with my boys makes us all laugh together, and still get to where we want to be” 

Andy, Devon 

So go ahead, create wonderful memories and join the growing number of families who scoot! 

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