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Everything you need to know about stunt scooters

  • 4 min read

Everything you need to know about stunt scooters in just 3 minutes 


If you or your child are hearing the skatepark call but still have unanswered questions about which stunt scooter to choose, take a look at the following essential information. We’ll have you ready to roll down that ramp in no time.

Stunt Scooters v’s ‘Normal’ Kick Scooters 

The primary use of a stunt scooter is to do tricks and stunts.

Kick scooters (or 'normal' scooters) are designed for kids who want a scooter to cruise along the streets, in the playground or along paths in the park.

Stunt Scooters can be dual-purpose and used for scooting along the pavement. Still, they will not offer as comfortable a ride as a kick scooter, so if you want a scooter for scooting from A to B, you may as well go for a kick scooter which will generally be cheaper and better designed for that purpose.

Kick scooters are not dual-purpose and should not be used for tricks and stunts.

The main differences are: 

  • Handlebars: Stunt scooters always have a one-piece t-bar as the bars must be strong to withstand the extra impact from jumps and tricks. So, any scooters that have a folding handlebar are not stunt scooters. The folding mechanism in the scooter will be a point of weakness, so it is more likely to break when subjected to impact at the skatepark. Equally, the handlebar on a stunt scooter will be fixed, be one height, and not have a height adjustment mechanism. Again, this is so there is no weakness in the handlebar.
  • Wheels: Most stunt scooters will have metal cores in their wheels, not plastic ones that you may find on a regular kick scooter. Again, this makes the wheels more robust and able to withstand the extra punishment riders give their skatepark scooters.
  • Weight: Ideally, stunt scooters need to be light but strong. They need to be light enough for their rider to control and manoeuvre the scooter but strong enough to withstand the impacts of tricks. However, stunt scooters still tend to be heavier than kick scooters; they need to be strong, so the frames are usually heavier. 

Stunt Scooters for Beginners

There are plenty of options on the Stunt Scooter market for those just starting to dip their toe into the world of bunny hops and tail whips. Most bike and scooter retailers have a Stunt offering within their range. Stunt scooters for beginners tend to be lighter and have fewer technical specifications making them cheaper to buy. 

Micro's entry-level stunt scooter is the Micro Trixx Scooter; meanwhile, Stunt specialist retailer Chilli has the Base. Both are lightweight and smaller in dimensions than the average stunt scooter, making them perfect for younger riders to control as they build their confidence at the skate park.



What makes a good stunt scooter?

One of the essential aspects of a stunt scooter is its ABEC rating. ABEC stands for Annular Bearings Engineers Committee, and a higher ABEC rating implies a smoother ride and better tolerance for jumps and precision movements. That said, unless you plan on competing, as long as you choose an actual stunt scooter, rather than a kick scooter, to do tricks on, you will find that many of the extras offered on higher-priced scooters are superfluous to your needs. 

Do Stunt Scooters Fold?

As mentioned above, Stunt scooters do not fold for two simple reasons – durability and safety. Convenience takes a back seat when the ability to perform bunny hops, tail whips and fakie becomes the no.1 criterion for a wannabe pro stunt scooter. 

What size stunt scooter should I buy?

Stunt scooters come in different sizes and weights, so choosing the right scooter for the rider is essential. Stunt scooters are not height adjustable, and because of this, stunt scooters should be selected based on the height of your child and not their age. If the handlebar is too high, it could prevent the skater from completing tricks successfully. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim for a scooter where the handlebar's top falls between the hips and belly button.

You can find the micro stunt scooter guide here and the Chilli Stunt Scooter Size Chart above.



Four Fun Stunt Scooter Facts

  • There are an estimated 2,100 community skateparks in the UK
  • Team GB's Olympic gold medal winner, Charlotte Worthington, attributes her introduction into her sport of BMX riding to her early years practising tricks on a scooter. 
  • The very first official world scooter championship was hosted at Evolution Extreme, Deeside, Wales, and took place in 2012
  • The official sport of scooter riding currently offers eight disciplines for a rider to enjoy and progress in; all performed on a stunt scooter. To find out more, follow this link.

So, whether you dream of thrilling spectators on the Big Sky ramp, fancy having a go at Freestyle, or maybe just want to have fun with your friends at the skatepark, there’s something for everyone, and hopefully, now you will be able to find the right stunt scooter for you.