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Essential scoot to school accessories

  • 2 min read
Are you looking for ways to make the school run easier? Do you already own a Mini, Maxi or adult Micro scooter? Then this is the post for you. You will discover the essential accessories for your scooter which not only will make the school run easier but stress free and stylish. A MICRO HELMET We believe all children should wear a helmet when scooting. We also know from experience (we each have 3 children of our own) that this is easier said and done.. So, we took matters into our own hands and designed a range of fun, stylish and practical helmets that will keep your little one scooting safely. micro scooters helmets Our Micro helmets can be used by scooter, skateboard and bicycle riders.

View the full range of helmets

Click here and learn how to make sure your child’s helmet fits perfectly


All children should be seen and heard. Adding a bell to your Micro scooter will ensure this happens. Our range of bells simply wrap around the stem or handlebar of your scooter. micro scooter bells bicycle bells Our range of Micro bells come in a variety of colours, are waterproof and ding with pride.

See all the Micro bell colours here

MICRO LIGHTS As much as hearing them scoot by dinging their Micro bells we do need to see the little monkeys too. Which is why a Micro light is an essential part of a scoot to school. This is especially true as the nights draw in. micro-lights Our range of Micro lights are weatherproof, have two flash settings and easily wrap around the stem or handlebar of your scooter. Perfect for scooting to and from school on darker evenings.

Pick your favourite Micro light now >>

MICRO BAGS Perfect for those at pre-school/nursery or for primary school children to carry their school essentials a Micro bag fits easily to the front of your scooter. micro bags, micro rucksacks, scooter bags, school bags From pirates, flowers, dinosaurs and a whole lot more Micro bags are £14.95

Find your favourite now >>

SCOOT ‘N PULL Simply pull your tired toddler home after a hard day at school. No need to carry them, their PE bag and lunchbox – just loop the Scoot ‘n Pull over the handlebars and you can pull them and their kit and caboodle home! scootandpull An essential accessory for all scooter riders (and their parents).

See the Scoot ‘N Pull in action here

That completes the list of our essential scoot to school accessories. Do you have any of them already? Are you enjoying them? Are there any we are missing? Let us know in the comments below. See all our Micro scooter accessories >>