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EMicro Sparrow: what is a hybrid scooter?

  • 1 min read

The latest product to the Micro scooter range is on its way next month. September 2018 sees the launch of the very first electric hybrid scooter for children. Beautifully designed and engineered with the Swiss precision that is evident in the rest of the range, this new addition is set to revolutionise playtime.

The Emicro Sparrow

Introducing the worlds first hybrid electric scooter suitable for children aged 8+.


What is a hybrid scooter?

Simply put, a hybrid vehicle uses two types of power to allow movement. The Emicro Sparrow has been specifically designed so that the scooter can move with either the electric motor or the traditional push power. The electric function can be turned on and off to suit the user and the terrain. What this means is that when it is not suitable to ride an electric scooter, the Sparrow can transform into a conventional kick scooter at the touch of a button. This hybrid functionality means the scooter is legal to be used.


How does the electric motor work?

Once the electric function is employed the motor is powered by a lithium ion battery which means it is not only rechargeable but it has a very slow release of energy when not in use. This means that unless it is left for very long periods of time, once charged it will stay charged until its next journey. When charged to full the battery will last for an incredible 4 mile journey. £449.95.