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An Easter egg adventure with a twist

  • 2 min read



Make the most of the Easter weekend by planning a scooting adventure with a twist that your children will remember forever.

The Easter Bunny has his scooter route planned and the best news is that he is heading your way. If you fancy burning off those chocolate treats and raising smiles ten-fold then look no further. Here’s how to plan a scooter route that involves the whole family. 

1.Choose a location 

From your own garden to a Stately Home the destination of your egg hunt is the first stage in making your treasure hunt a success. Ensure a flat surface to make the most of scooter action. 

2. Decide on how to transport the loot 

Don’t let the treasure been seen. You’ll have to make sure that the goods are well hidden en-route. Then you’ll need to be sure to get it all back home again, once all the eggs are found. That’s if you’re planning on saving any of course… 

3. Clued up or clueless? 

Whether you decide to write up some clues of where to find the loot or leave it up to the children, is totally up to you. Both are just as much fun, but providing a list of puzzles will involve a smidge more preparation. 

4. The loot itself 

The trend is shifting and not everyone is keen for their children to get an abundance of chocolate. Why not consider some great alternatives by checking out our Micro Scooter accessories. 

5. The finale (and here is the best bit) 

Share their adventures. Hop on and push off, it’s time to unleash the fun from within. It isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds and we promise that you will not look back. Your children will think you’re the best thing since sliced bread too. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to share your scooting adventures on social media. You can tag in #scootingadventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram